Sign In To The Body Of Chaos At The Start

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Sign In To The Body Of Chaos At The Start

By: Striker OngoingSystem

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Damon was reincarnated into a magical fantasy world with his previous life's memories intact. Damon became the a half Primordial Incubus Demon- Half Divine Dragon and was the son of the Grand Duchess of the Divine Demon Empire. At this moment, Damon obtained the Divine Sign- in system. [ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the Body Of Chaos ] [ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the Eyes of Oblivion ] [ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the Divine Blood-soaked Sword ] Watch Damon's adventures as in the Mythological World of Austonia as he slays all his enemies on the way to becoming the strongest of them all. ( There will be SMUT )

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  • mysterious Being


    well good so far overpowered mc is the best keep up and upload more

    2024-03-12 14:40:47
  • Kasmin Unos


    The story is good but the author is very slow in progress. 1 chapter for a week or two is not good.

    2023-07-01 03:29:29
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Ranking Information
Each Realm in Mana and World Spiritist Cultivation has 4 Stages: Early Stage, Mid Stage, Top Stage and Peak Stage.The Realms in Mana Cultivation are:Body Refinement ( J )Mana Refinement ( I )Mana Foundation ( H )Mana Apprentice ( G )Mana Soldier ( F )Mana General ( E )Mana Master ( D )Mana Master ( C )Mana GrandMaster ( B)Mana Emperor ( A )Forbidden Mage ( S )Arch-Mage ( SS )Divine Steps [ Requires the Cultivator to complete at least 15 steps before rising into the next realm. The higher step the cultivator reaches, the stronger they are and the more potential they have at increasing their cultivation in the future. The highest step a known person has reached is 45 but ancient knowledge reveals there is a total of 50 steps. ] ( SSS )Demi-God ( EX )God ( X )More ranks will be revealed when the story reaches there!*****The Realms in World Spiritst Cultivation Are:Spirit Nurturing ( White Cloak )Spirit Refinement ( Grey Cloak )Spirit Foundation ( Blue Cloak )Spirit
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This will be a list that details all of the Sign-In Rewards Damon has obtained from the System. [ Name: Damon Rivelea ] [Race: Half Incubus - Half Divine Chaos Angelic Dragon ] [ Mana Realm: ( Read The Novel ) ] [ Mana Technique: ( Read The Novel ) ] [Talent ( Potential ) : ( Read The Novel ) ] ***** Sign-In Rewards #1 - [ Body Of Chaos - The Strongest Physique Created from the Primordial Chaos itself. Allows its owner to absorb the purest natural mana in the world and covert it to elements of any attribute. The Body Of Chaos gives the host Primordial Chaos Grade Talent which is even higher than this worlds upper talent limit of Divine and the Body Of Chaos will remove the curse on the host, sending immense backlash to whoever casted it. ] #2 - [ Primordial Chaos Mana and Spirit Technique - The Primordial Chaos Mana and Spirit Technique is a Cultivation Technique born from the Primoridal Chaos itself. It perfectly complements the Body Of Chaos and also allows the host to simu
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Damon Rivealea
World Austonia In the world of Austonia, there are 3 Continents. The Abyssal Continent where Abyssal Monsters exist, killing any other living being found on that continent. The abyssal monsters release an aura of corruption, destruction and darkness that has completely corrupted that continent, making any living being that stays there for too long become corrupted. The second continent is the Monsters Continent. The Monster continent is where Devil Monsters primarily control. Devil Monsters are monsters that have no chance of gaining sentience and thus kill anyone they come across. The Monster Continent is the smallest continent yet due to the power of the Devil Monsters, no-one dares to go over there and conquer the continent. Finally, the Divine Continent. The Divine Continent is a continent where all of the sentient beings in the world live. From Demons, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Demi-Humans, Humans and even more races all live on this continent. Although there are conflicts betw
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Assimilating the Rewards!
Damon wanted to immediately assimilate with his rewards. Thus Damon quickly picked up his mobile phone and opened an app called Magi-Chat, which was basically the equivalent to Whatsapp of this world. Damon sent a message to anyone of importance, saying that he had something important to handle for a short time and that he will not be able to be contacted.Then, Damon took off his clothes and went to the bathroom inside his luxurious bedroom. After taking a quick rinse, Damon lay on the bed and accepted the Immediately, Damon felt the various elements wandering between heaven and earth in the atmosphere. To be precise, it was the oldest and purest form of mana in existence. Primordial Chaos mana which held the oldest, most primitive and most powerful elements in existence. These elements had been untouched for eons, and no-one even knew of theie existence, as such, they excitedly swept into Damon's body, into his bones, blood, cells and other parts.Immediately, Damon
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Awakening Ceremony!
The next morning, Damon had woke up, healthy and excited for the awakening ceremony later that day. He had quickly had a luxurious breakfast for himself, prepared for him by his maids, but as he downed his food, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrowns at the conversations taking place around him. "What do you think caused that crazy Dragon roar yesterday? The Dragon clan stated it wasn't one of them?" One Vampire maid asked. " If it's not them, then it must be a Draconic Treasure. But it must be of the Divine Tier right? No normal treasure can cause so much damage across the entire world." Another maid, a succubus asked. Damon's eyes slightly widened at their words and quickly opened his phone, going to the WorldWide news app called Mana-Web. Browsing through the top posts on the Mana-Web, all of them were about an intense Dragon's Roar that lasted for over an hour yesterday. The Dragon's Roar suppressed the souls of everyone who heard it and apparently some persons who were in co
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Awakening Ceremony Part-2
Inside Zynx Stadium, countless demon children, both noble and commoner stood, waiting for the awakening ceremony to finally begin. Damon stood continuing to make small talk, yet he could feel that although persons acted enthusiastically when speaking to him, they were completely hiding their emotions. Damon's newly improved body courtesy of his rewards allowed him to see the microexpressions of many people chatting with him, and his knowledge from two lifetimes easily allowed him to see fake sincerity from real sincerity. Damon knew this was because his background was incredibly strong, however growing up he refused to participate in meetings with other younger generation nobles, as he knew what they would be a waste of time. However, as Damon was making conversation, he sensed a massive amount of hostility directed towards him for a split second. Turning towards the direction of the hostility, Damon realized it originated from a younger Dragon sitting two seats away from the Divin
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Awakening Ceremony - The End!
As time passed, the intense vision disappeared, and the entire world remained silent as Damon walked out of the room." Damon Rivelea, Divine Grade 5 Star Mana Talent and Divine Grade 5 Star World Spiritist Talent."At those words, the entire awakening square was in pin-drop silence. The host's voice fell onto the ears of the entire awakening square, sending them into completely silence due to shock.All of their gazes at Damon turned from curiosity to admiration and reverence. At this moment, the name Damon Rivelea would be etched into the memory of everyone present there."Divine 5 Star Mana and World Spiritist, INCREDIBLE!""As expected of the Son of the Grand Marshall, the highest talent possible."Everyone in the crowd was discussing, with envy in their voices, and the eyes of the girls in the crowd were glittering with an emotion slightly different from admiration, especially the Divine Demon Princess, Sonna Rivelea, whose eyes were wide from shock and intense admiration, with a
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World Reaction to Awakening!
ETERNAL HUMAN EMPIRE! ( During Damon's awakening ) The Eternal Human Empire is one of the largest Empire's in the world and the only Empire ran by Humans. The Eternal Human Empire is ran by the Imperial Family, the Pendragon Family. The Pendragon family rose to fame after their ancestor, Arthur Pendragon, had slain a Abyssal Monster that had slaughtered half the continent. After that, Arthur Pendragon had gathered the majority of remaining alive humans and established the Eternal Human Empire, turning it into an absolute powerhouse. Although other races can enter the Eternal Human Empire, they all must register with the government. Currently, within the Eternal Human Empire lays the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace is where the Imperial Family, the Pendragon Family lives. Currently, within the Imperial Palace, at one of the gardens, a battle was ocurring. On one side was a young boy at around 10 years old. The boy had brilliant golden hair and lumenescent blue eyes that were as
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Future Plans
Damon finished his phone call and looked towards the Palace in which he and his mother lived in, although his mother barely spent her time here as she never needed sleep due to her strength and had an extensive amount of work to complete. The Palace, amply named the Palace of the Crimson Witch of Destruction, which was Sapphire's nickname, due to her immense power and colourful crimson flames which danced in the battlefield as she burned her enemies to ashes. The Palace was massive and magnificent, with a perfect combination of Magic Technology and elegance. The palace was surrounded by long lush trees and a bed of beautiful flowers that made the area beautiful and picturesque. Surrounding the Palace was a wall made of Mythril, the hardest,strongest and most durable material in existence and also a spirit defensive formation. Inside the wall, four blue mana towers surrounded the castle. The Mana Towers both drew in mana from the surroundings and purified the mana, making cultivati
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First-Time Cultivation!
On a large bed in a extraordinarily luxurious bedroom, a young boy was sleeping comfortably. The sunlight shone through the room's windows and onto the boy's body, causing the boy to slowly wake up. The young boy, Damon, slowly opened his eyes, moving his hand and blocking the sunlight from hitting his handsome face any further as he sat up on the bed and slowly got off. Damon sighed and looked around his room, the immense luxury dazzling. Damon slid off his bed quickly and went into his shower, taking a short bath before putting on his clothes. Damon wore rather casual clothing, a black joggers and white t-shirt, as he would be changing into combat uniform soon as his training would be beginning. "System, Sign-In." Damon said in his mind. [ Ding! Congratulations to the host for Awakening and unlocking the Achievements Section. For every Achievement Completed, the Host would receive Sign-In Opportunities. One Sign-In Opportunity has been Obtained due to the Host Awakening. ] [ Di
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