Chapter LVII

Matthew and Jean were busy trying to make sense of Jane’s murder outcome. After Matthew had discovered Jane as the source of breach, he was to find out more about the two agents deaths and why they had to kill each other. Matthew used all the knowledge he had to go through security footages around the city but could not find a thing. Just as they were about to give up the search, Ruddick’s report about the agents having killed Jane reached them.

As it turned out, it was the missing link needed to come up with a theory of their own as well. First, there was nothing showing on the security footages at the street where the dead agents were. Second, Jean had been in the field long enough to know that, such high level agents could not be that sloppy. In other words, the agents did not kill Jane as told by Ruddick. Second, there was a possibility that the two agents had not shot each other to death as well. Someone wanted them to think of it that way and as it seemed, w

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