Chapter LXVI

The following morning, they all gathered at the precinct to begin their mission. With the authority from the judge, and support from both KCPD as well as CIBSC, they had every reason to solve the case without doubt or delay.

After David’s exoneration, Jean had a theory about who the killer might have been. Just before she could share it with the team, Paul, the new detective was getting ready to go back to his former precinct. Just before leaving, Meake had something for him as well.

He walked towards Paul at his desk, “Detective Paul, where do you seem to be going?” Meake asked.

Paul stopped packing his things, “I am getting ready to go back to my precinct sir,” he responded.

Meake walked towards his office, “Follow me detective, in my office,”

Paul followed Meake into the office, “Okay sir.”

As they walked, Meake turned back at Paul, “And who gave you the order detective?” h

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