Chapter LX

Within the minute, Jonas did not waste any second. He took his father’s truck and drove home to let the team know of what had transpired and try to figure out a way to help him. Although David might have told Jonas to tell his mother about it, he just meant the opposite.

He never wanted Jonas to let his mother know about the incident. Instead, he was telling him to let Jean know of what had happened and to tell her to lie low. He never wanted her to risk showing herself trying to save him. He knew she would because she was the only one that could clear his name. Jonas may have been a witness to clear his father but the fact that he was family and was termed as unstable could not help him much.

Just to think the day could not get any worse for him; Kate had switched on her phone ready to talk to him about their situation. She called him as he was driving home to let Peterson, Matthew and Jean know of what had happened to his father.

Jonas held the steering

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