Chapter XLII

At the precinct, things were just normal until that afternoon. There was another call for their attention. The Police officers on patrol had just found another dead body at the Southern side of the city. After answering the call, David and the captain were the only ones acquainted to such cases and therefore were to collaborate and go. On arrival, it was not an ordinary homicide as they thought but the very same old story. The body was seriously carved and drained off blood but no tattoos.

David was eagerly watching the captain’s reaction to the situation. He noticed that, even the captain was oblivious to what they saw. Before Ruddick arrived at the scene for the analysis and possible answers, the Clairvoyant called the captain. Meake was almost shocked out of his skin. He knew that the Clairvoyant could not have good news for him. Indeed, he was right after all. 

The Clairvoyant had just gotten the information about the murder from his watchdogs. That was

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