Chapter XXVI

Jonas laughed at the joke. They got into the car and headed for the morgue to try finding some answers to the disappearance of the Minister’s body. After a short drive around the city, they arrived and entered the morgue. Indeed, it was just as Ruddick had explained.

Nothing was out of place and there was no sign of breakage or violence. That indicated whoever had taken the body must have had easy access to the morgue. The only problem was that, Ruddick was the only one with the keys to the morgue.

The other pair of keys was in the custody of Kibich Central Teaching and Referral Hospital (KCTRH). At the time, none of them thought anyone would even get access to the keys from the hospital.

The fact was, no one thought about the keys to have been taken. They moved around looking for clues but found none. Even in the security footages, there was nothing at the time the body disappeared.

Whoever had taken the Minister’s body was good and must have

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