Author: Mutuma J Karuntimi

Eons ago, about 66 generations B.C, Earth was invaded. For many years, since then, humans lived with ‘El Diablo’, the invader, without knowledge. Slowly, ‘El Diablo’ twisted human knowledge to his bidding, taking advantage of their weakness. The few he could not, those weak enough, he extinguished.

Later, several millennia; Todo lo Sabe, Protector of all universe, was not happy; but, was with mercy. He; then, decided to save humanity. He sent a helper, One Truly-Chosen. In human-being, He, Truly-Chosen, aged among mortality. With a message from He, Protector of all universe, to humankind.

Some did heed the missive; others, the vast majority, gave deaf ears. About a generation or more later, they rejected Truly-Chosen. ‘Malvado’; they called him, and eventually, saw he to the grave without need for cause. After, they thought to have won. Deeper and deeper, they dug themselves into perditions; misled by ignorance, imprudence and egotism.

Todo lo Sabe; He, ever since, saved those that lived for the virtuous cause. As though, not by any other way, but, choosing several amongst them. Once each generation, one was Chosen and gifted.

Things getting worse each day, desperation struck. With an indiscernible belligerent, they had none to impugn. Thirst for answers and stardom, usually, they turned for the Chosen. Every time a gifted was executed, they made merry, with murmurs of a new dawn.

Time came, a time of murky-dawn; indeed, a dawn they presaged. Todo lo Sabe; chose and gifted no more. Without one to stab fingers at and reproach, they turned for each other. For generations, they lived by death; unknowingly worshipping ‘El Diablo’.

Posterior, ages past, about 33 generations ago, death roamed Earth as bush fires. Todo lo Sabe, merciful He, chose and gifted another. Whatever happened ever since is; the mysterious story of… The Day of Reckoning.

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