chapter 165

I heard the knock on the door.

I wondered who it was. I was in the kitchen setting the things I would use to prepare dinner.

I turned the locks, opened the door and I saw Kurtis standing there with two huge boxes standing beside him. When he saw me, he bent and he carried the both of the boxes and they seemed heavy.

“Good afternoon." I said and he walked past me.

“These boxes are heavier than they look." He said to me laughing. He dropped it on the table.

" I wasn't expecting you. “ I said to him.

" I know. “ He said walking to Kai's bedroom. " I was just in the office and I thought I'd come and surprise you and Kai. “ He said touching Kai's face.

" What's in the boxes?. “

" Toys, mostly and the other things are just for you.“

" For me?. “

" Yes, I picked them today myself. I'm sure you'd love them. “

" Thank you, but what are they?. “ I asked him.

" You'll find out when you open the box. “

Kai was awake so they were playing together while I was cooking in the kitchen
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