chapter 167

I went home.

As if Ana smelt it... As if she knew that I had done the abominable, she smiled a very fake smile.

“Gael, you're back." She said to me. It wasn't Mrs Garcia or Miss Gael, it had changed to Gael, only Gael.

But I felt good, I felt alive, I felt in love again almost reborn... I was born again.

Gone was the old Gael and come was the new one. Not that they both of them had too many distinct features they didn't, they had too many in common, but this new me was the manifestation of the reborn Gael, the one that was formerly lost in being loyal... The one that had to quench her fire to fit in a type of lifestyle.

“Yes, I'm back. “ I told her... My voice seemed foreign to me, it was much more bolder than the former, I was much more confident.

“Hey Kai, how are you doing?." I asked Kai.

“Momma." Kai said giggling.

I took him from Ana.

“Thank you Ana.“ I told her.

She walked out of the door without saying anything.

I was still in the bathroom having
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