Chapter 14

On arrival back home, Gatamu had to go share the good news with his friend doctor Kirimi. Since his relationship to this girl was to remain under laps, doctor Kirimi was the only person that Gatamu would speak to about Peninah. He could hardly wait to tell this to doctor Kirimi but before then, he had to deal with someone first. He had to deal with his so-called girlfriend or rather, his arranged wife-to-be Silviah.

Ever since their fight, she swore never to let him fall into the hands of another woman. She had been making sure that Gatamu thought about nobody else other than her for his woman. This meant that, when Gatamu arrived from the village, she was the welcoming wagon back in the city. It is not that her being the welcome wagon was a problem, especially not to a Prince but, indeed, it was with someone as nagging as her.

Was it not for the advices from his friend to keep Silviah as close to him as possible, to save himself and his love for Peninah, he surely c

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