Chapter 6

There was one fact that you might not know, that the feeling when being possessed by your own devil was absolutely superb. You didn't have to move your body, just looked at your body acting without your control to protect yourself.

“I know what you're thinking, master.” Anne abruptly surprised me with her dreary voice.

“It's fine, right?” I replied while my left hand immediately grabbed the devil's right leg, which was used to attack me just then. My right hand was nimble also, it thrusted deep into the devil's patella with sharp claws, before pulling all the right leg down to nail it solidly on the ground.

The whirlwind vanished.

“Crack,” I could hear the sound when the bone was pierced and broken. At that point of time, I unexpectedly took control of my both hands again and felt the serious pain rapidly transmitting to my brain when Anne said lazily, “Master, it's your business now.”

Without waiting for a second, I broke a claw promptly on one finger and hammered it with the fire burning inside my hand. The fire quickly clung to the claw and then transformed into a five-inch nail pinning the leg rigidly.

“Ahhhh!!!” The devil screamed in pain shortly after that. A piercing wind appeared and blew me backward. It tried to escape but all the things that it could feel were just the burning sensation from the fiery nail. Nonetheless, that pain couldn't weaken the devil. The devil was just more aggressive than before and started attacking me with its wind power, “Aaaaargh...”

After successfully pinning the devil's right leg, my next targets were its other three limbs, because all the attacks I had to deal with depended mainly on the motion of its four limbs, not the wind power. Pinned the right leg, the devil couldn't jump anywhere, so I speedily summon one another flame and aimed at the devil's left arm with the highest speed.

Whereas, not only me, but the devil realized its circumstance also. It couldn't move, and the only thing it could use was the wind so as not to be caught. The devil's bloodshot eyes stared at me and then a whirlwind came across from nothing, carried all the fallen leaves around, and hit toward me.

But as mentioned, wind and fire were originally harmonious, no matter how strong the wind was. I raised my hand, then the piercing wind blowing around me burned directly. The fire ignited from nothing and soared up fiercely, thanks to the blowing wind. Wind and fire rapidly mixed, changed to a burning wind, and then vanished in a minute.

You can't attack a fire controller with wind twice.


But it seemed that the devil had determined to use all its power, a completely new blast appeared right after the first one vanished. All the fan-shaped leaves transformed into darts, while they were all blown by the blast. And each one flew with the speed that was ready to grind me into shredded meat. Having no time to dodge, I swung my both arms, “Burn.”

Fire suddenly sputtered in the air, covered me like a burning shield, and flared all the darts before they could approach me.

But right before everything was done, my ear transmitted the crackling sounds as well as some freaking sounds as something was broken or torn. My eyes opened widely, and I suddenly had a bad premonition.

“Master, it's not good at all!” When Anne had just blurted worriedly, I waved my hand to make the shield vanish and then saw a horrifying scene.

I saw the devil trying to escape. It struggled to pull the pinned leg and manage to break the nail in order to run away. After all, the nail that I hammered wasn't easy to destroy, and the devil also realized that the blast couldn't stop me for long. The devil was more and more insane, and finally, it pulled the pinned leg out with the nail standing still. And as a result, the nail cut off a long and big wound bleeding profusely along the leg.

I would be pleased to see the devil doing that to kill itself, but that was Phuong Chi's leg! The devil was destroying her right leg and forcing me to release it!

When the devil almost cut off the ankle, I couldn't do anything but worryingly wave my hand, “vanish,” to make the burning nail drop out of sight quickly.

“Master, what are you doing?” Anne screamed about what I had just thought, “It's a trap!”

As Anne told me, one second after being released, the devil suddenly turned back and looked at me. It was just a moment, but I could clearly see its ugly mouth opening and whispering by mouth shape, “thank you”, before all the body drowned into the blue-grey whirlwind and rushed out the burning scope.

“Why the hell can't I harm other people?” I gnashed my teeth in anger and then took an amulet paper - from my pocket, instead of the Thorny Box that couldn't be used in time. It burned at the same time. Its flames turned into a shower of sparks, flew up the sky, and thrusted through the devil's body.

“You can't leave now,” I said with confidence.

As my Asian partners, I used amulet papers - the yellow rectangular papers with incantation signs drawn on - for work.

Unlike ordinary or even fake ones that you could easily find in the street, devil raisers' amulet papers were all made and empowered by the Institute of Demonology (IoD), an office under RSA's management. Those papers were extremely powerful due to their ability to change their functions into whatever the user wanted. And of course, they weren't cheap. Being a RSA's employee, you were just granted only one for each mission and you must be careful when using it. Used one, lost one.

The IoD told us the employees about the amulet paper's advantages as wonderfully as a miracle. And I did believe for seven years continuously, since I had used those expensive papers many times and even gnashed my teeth to buy some at an “affordable price”: two million Dong (less than $100) for each - to be as powerful as a superman.

And do you know what happened when the devil rushed out and realized the yellow sparks' existence? At the moment that my sparks nearly touched the devil, it just swung its arm. Then a whirlwind came, carried all the sparks, and threw them toward a dark corner.

Of course, I was dumbfounded.

My two-million-Dong!!!

It, the hell, couldn't even burn the devil's hair!!!

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