New Rockville

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New Rockville

By: Mandla OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Clearance was brought up in a situation that he did not understand. He was the youngest of his five brothers and he was the only one that had a different surname. He uncovered the most shocking mystery about his life. Besides being named as the only bastard in his home he also learned that the he had a deceased brother, who shared the same mother with him. Since he felt like an outsider amongst his siblings, his father always no where to be seen and his mother being in prison... He made a ritual to communicate with his deceased brother, little did he know that his brother's spirit was going to manifest and latch itself onto him. He brought with him the darkness of New Rockville, a place of the spirits, an unknown place that the naked eye could not see. A place of the damned.

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Chapter: 1
Clearance :It was a cold winter day in 2006, when I was sitting in the dining room with my older brothers. We were surrounding a small heater and we were also listening to the radio. A journalist was talking about a tragic story that happened in Rockville park: A place around where we lived. 'A body of a young woman was found on the lake, sources say that she was attacked by an unknown suspect at 12:00am... Cops were called, but the suspect vanished on thin air. When the cops arrived and flooded the scene he was no were to be found and no witness saw what he looked like...' The reporter said. "I heard these news, everyone in school was talking about it." Samson said. "Everyone says it was a ritual." He finished. He was the guy who always knew stories of Rockville. (Samson was the second born in our family and he was 16. Scorpio born on the 17th of November.) "You always have these theories, does your lies ever end?" Abraham scolded. (Abraham was the oldest amongst all my brothers.
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Chapter: 2
Clearance:Ever since I experienced that birthday surprise from father, things had changed. My brothers were giving me these weird looks all the time. Maybe it was jealousy or something else... The ghost of my true identity was still haunting me. I didn't know what make of it, maybe there was something I was missing? I knew that from the time I was a kid life was different for me. I felt so much void and not enough support. Growing up in house that had boys, only, it was weird. I didn't know my mother. I saw my neighbors having female figures, but mine was missing and no one even dared to explain to me why? Well...except for Simon, who kinder spilled that I was a bastard. I didn't understand why or how? But I was determined to figure it out, one way or another. Even if I was, why didn't I know anything about her? No one gave me a direct meaning of what it all meant, even our father did not speak the words that I could understand. I wanted to ask but my relationship with our father
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Chapter: 3
Clearance:It was the following morning and we were walking on the on dirty gravel road, after crossing the big Koma street. It was the biggest street we had ever crossed. At least Abraham was responsible enough to make sure that we all crossed it to safety. We were wearing caps, sandals, shorts and short sleeved t-shirts. Abraham had bought it for us. He was that kind of brother. It was weird, because he wasn't even working. I didn't know how he made money. As we were walking through the Elcha road that separated Elcha stadium from the big Rockville houses, I was haunted by the previous day's events. I was following behind my big brothers, but Simon was walking beside me. He looked weird as he stared at me, ever so often. He wasn't saying anything, but I felt like more horse shit was brewing in that evil mind of his. He had a way of surprising me with so much of it, although it was all unpleasant. Samson was narrating stories about the conspiracy theories of Rockville. "You guys
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Chapter: 4
Clearance:When Abraham came out of father's room with whip marking, I instantly new that our father was a dangerous person. He had no remorse for foolishness, but I mostly felt sorry for Abraham he didn't deserve that whooping. I wanted to understand though why he'd lie for Simon? I didn't ask him though because I was so afraid that he wasn't gonna look at me the same anymore. He wasn't gonna protect me like he always did. Abraham was the only person I could rely on to make everything better. He was considerate, kind and empathetic. He had no animosity against me, like my other brothers. Him picking me up to protect me from that mermaid when it tried to attack us, proved to me that he actually did care about me. Maybe that was just part of who he was, he was always protective over us and he would take the beating to protect anyone, even a Simon for that matter. "This is your fault, if you didn't become so persistent in ruining our lives, non of this would have happened." Simon whis
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Chapter: 5
"You want me to take you through my memory lane of my turmoil?" Ganuku asked.I nodded my head. I still couldn't believe I was seeing a ghost with my naked eyes. It was dark, but I couldn't bring myself to speak. I was still in shock because he was a ghost to me. He held my head and I found myself drifting off to a deep slumber. I thought that I was dying. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. I had never slept instantly, in any situation. It was kinder weird that he was able to have such control over me. It's like he had supernatural powers. "I will take you to an event, where I was still alive, before you were conceived to this world. An even that transformed my life forever." He said and I was transported to a place when he looked younger that this time, he was probably 6 years old; Simon was still a baby on his mother's arms; Samson and Abraham looked 12 and nine; and the twins were around 4 or 5 years old. It looked strange traveling through time to witness this eve
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Chapter: 6
"Wake up!" A voice said. I kept quiet. I was avoiding it on purpose and I did not even know who it was. I thought that it was Ganuku, since he gave me that conjuring visit. He probably wanted to show me more of his previous life experiences. What I had witnessed was bad enough for me. I didn't want to see anyone get tortured like that and my soul got yanked from that scene I didn't know what was happening. I felt myself being lifted up, my eye lids were still heavy and tired from all the astral projection and traveling through time. I couldn't wait to tell them how sick they were, but my spirit felt so heavy. I thought that maybe I should start by telling dad first, about what I saw. What their mother did to the poor Ganuku was appalling. They had to pay, even for making me sleep on the kitchen floor, I had to make them pay. I was alsa against Abraham's passive reaction. He was brave enough to take a beating for his juvenile brother, Simon, but he wasn't brave enough enough to pro
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Chapter: 7
When dawn came, I woke up and I headed outside. It was so hard witnessing what I saw, on the previous night. Everything was playing back to me in a blur, like I had been in a horrendous dream and non of things I saw had happened. But they did and I also knew that they did. I went outside to watched the sun rise.I did not know what to do? My heart still ached from hearing my own brothers conspiring to hurt me."You woke up early this morning. Did you get a good sleep?" Father asked. "Yea- I mean, uhm yes father!" I said, my throat was a bit croaked from my deep slumber, "Can I go with you to work today?" I asked. He looked at me, but he seemed a bit hesitant to answer. "Clearance, kids are not allowed to go to work, but do not worry, today is my day off. So we can go to the town instead, you will help me pick some groceries. What do you say?" He asked and I nodded my head feeling a little bit of relief. I was going to be away from the juvenile siblings of mine. I didn't want to spe
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Chapter: 8
"Nazim needs a baby's hand." A lady was saying to the man she was sitting with, in the bus. For me, what she was saying was not the strangest thing at all, but it was the fact that I could hear her. We were sitting inside the bus that was going to town with my father. As I was sitting there, I felt my soul shift from the real world to the spirit world. I had never experienced anything like that. It felt like how I felt, when my I felt myself traveling through space in time, to witness a situation that had happened years ago. The only difference was that Ganuku was not there to guide or to assist me.I was also sitting inside the bus traveling to town and I was sitting besides father. We were sitting 10 rows away from the couple that was conspiring to make an abduction. From where I was sitting, I already knew that Nazim was not a human being, but instead it was a god of darkness, those people just gave him a human name just so they throw anyone who was choosing to eaves drop off thei
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Chapter: 9
We were walking on an island, in-between the shelves of Spar, a shopping center. I was still dirstubed from what I had seen on that bus. Father had placed me inside the trolley and he was driving it, he picked up some different items on the shelves and he placed them around me. I had refrained to talk to him since he scolded me on the bus. I thought that he was still upset with what I had said because he was quiet too. I thought that it was strange and ironic that my brothers felt that I was his favorite child, whereas I felt that it was all out of convenience. If he really loved me more than them, why did I still have to be the only one with a different surname? It was was on my brain and it saddened me. I saw some people approaching us, they distracted me from thinking because they seemed to know us or my father. "Mr Janas Sithole, son of God, it has been a long time and we missed you so much in church. How have you been?" One lady asked. It became clear that they knew him, but th
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Chapter: 10
I was home, when I saw the silhouette of Ganuku reappearing. He was staring away into Rockville. It was like he was watching or witnessing the most interesting event of his life time there. It was a surreal experience witnessing him just standing there and it was during day time. Me and father came home not speaking to each other, even when he bought me ice-cream, he refused to look at me. It got me wondering that if I had told him these few things and he got so offended, how worse was it gonna be if I had told him about Ganuku? When we came back he did not even address Simon's lackluster behavior that morning, he just went to his bedroom and closed his door, informing Abraham to not bring him any food.I went inside the house after a while and I saw my weird siblings again. They looked suspicious, like they had been conspiring against me again. I avoided them and did not say anything. "What did you and father talk about, when you were away in town with him?" Simon, the bold guy aske
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