Changing the Date of Their Time Travel

As the youths lined up in an organized way in five lines, each had fifty students. The groups were determined before they came here, so everyone knew which group he belonged to.

The three little gang were in one group, group two. Each group had a certain direction in time, with group two being determined to go back two hundred years before the apocalypse to witness a great calamity during the great war that was spread all over the planet.

They were going to witness the attack of a nuclear bomb on an old country called Japan. The attack came from an old country called the USA. This attack killed and devastated a city called Hiroshima, and this journey was part of the educational program to let the students realize how fortunate they were.

However the three had another opinion.

“I want you two to create a scene when we enter the room,” Dan whispered softly as they began to move. This was their first time coming here, but the Drill was the old Drill they used before.

The old Drill had only one room, where there were many capsules and one main CPU controlling the whole operation. These capsules were the means that allowed the students to go back in time, however the main CPU unit was the one responsible for controlling everything.

And Dan’s goal was to mess up with this unit.

Luckily for them, the CPU unit was located just next to the door, so Dan could easily access it provided that he got the suitable cover.

And his two lovers decided to make a big scene so everyone would be focused over them, while Dan would do his magic.

Dan’s mother was part of the engineer team that built this facility and was responsible for its maintenance. So, he managed to steal the codes of orders that would enable him to change the determined date of their journey.

As the three agreed before, they chose a date one day earlier than the date of the apocalypse. They wanted to see by themselves what really happened back then.

So, when their group reached their designated room, John and Laiyla exchanged silent glances with each other before they moved to the opposite side of the main CPU.

They wanted to attract everyone’s attention, and so they had to do this away from the CPU. Their move managed to alert everyone, who looked towards the two with questions in their eyes.

“Announcement: Love is eternal,” James said these words when everyone was focused on them. saying that wasn’t enough, so he moved closer from Laiyla as he circled her slim waist with one arm, and touched her soft neck skin with the other.

Then the two kissed each other slowly and passionately in front of everyone. This was out of Dan’s expectations as he got himself stunned when he saw the two doing this, but then he overcame his shock as he moved towards the main CPU.

“Order: date change.”

“Order invalid, invalid permission.”

Dan knew he had no permission to do so, but he came prepared as he said:

“Special permission.”

“Code,” the machine voice said.

“001201420001 code X.”

This was Dan’s mother's special code, and this was the highest permission he had found in her work. He didn’t know if this permission would be enough to change the date, however he hoped it would.

“Permission granted,” the machine said after a few moments of pause that made Dan’s heartbeat accelerate.

“Order: date change,” he said again.

“Order valid. Date is changed, order new date,” the machine said.

“October fifteen, two thousand two hundred and twelve,” he said.

This was one day before the start of the apocalypse according to Layila’s research. Although the apocalypse was a major event that everyone knew about, no one knew the exact date for that.

So Laiyla had to do her part of the job and started an extensive research about it. She determined the date of the apocalypse, which was heavily hidden inside the main data bank in the city.

The three didn’t know why such an important date was kept hidden. What made them even more shocked was the fact this date was one whole month earlier than the historical date.

John was so suspicious about everything, so he wasn’t sure the historical date was the date of the apocalypse. That made Laiyla start digging about the truth, and finally the three realized how right John was.

One month and one dark year, this apocalypse was full of mysteries. That is what the three thought of when Laiyla found the real date of the apocalypse.

“Order valid. Date changed,” the machine sound came to announce the change of date which made Dan sigh out of relief. He then moved back to join the group watching John and Laiyla passionately kissing each other.

Romantic relations weren’t forbidden in society, however doing this in public was a first. That made even their teacher not know what to do for a while. Dan looked towards the two lovers as pain squeezed his heart.

Involuntary he stole a glance over his love, Gina, who stood coldly watching the two kissing each other with some loss in her eyes. He hoped there was no one already in her life, as he wanted to own her heart before the AI determined their fate.

He sighed as he looked again towards the two who were stopping their kiss slowly with fiery looks over their faces. Dan knew if these two were left like this, they wouldn’t finish even after days, so he cleared his throat loudly as he said:


His words attracted everyone’s attention, which made him tense. He wasn’t used to being the focus of eyes like this. John and Laiyla looked at him with a wide grin as they knew he had changed the date. They would be sent to the day before the start of the apocalypse, which made the two let each other go.

They were lovers, but the thrill of the new adventure got all their attention. They wanted to enter their capsules now and start their time travel at once.

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