The Amazing GrandMaster

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The Amazing GrandMaster

By: Ibiso Bobmanuel CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Abused, rejected, humiliated and cheated on, Jamal Dashiell had no option but to give up to death but an encounter changed his situation and life forever. He became a quadrillion heir overnight and was ready to pay back everyone that had trampled on him. It's eviction time.

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  • Ella Chimezie


    Another book from author Ibiso, still haven’t gotten over Doctor Richester, I’ll definitely give this a trial too, I’m certain it’ll be great!

    2023-10-21 23:11:53


    I feel sorry for Jamal. Very very impressive book. Kudos to the author

    2023-10-21 05:49:41


    Hi fans, kindly check out my latest book: "Amazing Tycoon System" Its a MUST READ with over 39 chapters & daily update. Don't fail to add to library!! Thank you.

    2024-02-07 00:38:13
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275 chapters
Chapter One
“You thief!” A sharp female voice filled with anger yelled, he stopped at a spot unable to take another step. He faced back, looking scared and confused. It was Audrey, his college mate.“What do you mean?” He questioned rhetorically, then he followed the lady’s eyes until it landed on the phone in his hand.“No. I think it’s a misunderstanding, madam. I was cleaning here and found this phone - -” His statement was left incomplete as she hastily interrupted him.“That’s my phone in your hand! How come it’s with you if you haven't stolen it?” She questioned in annoyance, impatiently drawing to a conclusion. He shook his head.“It’s not what you think. I saw the phone on the floor and wanted to hand it over to the director. I didn’t steal it.” He explained to her rashly but she let out a dirty laugh.“Don’t lie to me, you thief! Do you think I will believe you?” She snarled with a loud voice. They are not on good terms after Jamal has refused to help her with a course assignment. She ha
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Chapter Two
He sighed at the sight of his account balance and wanted to turn off his phone when the alarm started ringing displaying “Girlfriend’s birthday.” A happy smile engulfed his face and he quickly changed his outfit, picked up his dollar bills, and left his apartment.All eyes were on him as he strolled in the bustling street.“Isn’t it that clown? He still had the guts to step out.” One said “Latest poor thief.” Another screamed. They couldn’t stop laughing at him, insulting and mocking him but he ignored them. He looked from one mart to another searching for the one that matched his girlfriend’s taste. He was wearing a pair of jeans that had changed its color to off-white because of too much washing and his polo had some torn spots and was saggy on his neck.He walked into a shopping mall in the area, looking confident and excited meanwhile he had just $150 on him. The director and his wife were the ones running the business thus when they saw him, they exchanged knowing glares before
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Chapter Three
“Get him! Get him!” A thin feminine voice shouted in the street as two men quickly grabbed Jamal’s arms.He struggled to set himself free, looking perplexed.“What’s this? Let me go!” He rebuked but the men overpowered him.The woman walked over to them and crossed her arms, standing gallantly before them.“It’s you again? The rumor of theft has been spreading since morning but I never knew you would have the mind to do it again.” The woman pointed a finger at him, speaking arrogantly as crowds started gathering.“Madam, I don’t know what you are talking about.” He was already tired and hopeless coming back from Mia’s place. He was heading back home to drown in his sorrow since that was his birthright before crossing paths with these people.“What do you mean you don’t know what I’m talking about!” The woman cried out in anguish, he looked scared.Shortly, the men searched him and brought out a silver wristwatch from his pocket, Jamal shook his head continuously as he tried to step ba
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Chapter Four
Jamal cleaned his eyes over and over again, pinching himself as he consciously denied the reality. He was in a grand expensive mansion. What was happening? Who were they and what was he doing here?Rather than admiring the interior breakthrough, he was bothered, and eaten by anxiety."Old master would love to see you now." The middle-aged man's voice unintentionally disrupted his reverie, he swallowed hard on nothing before following the man through the hallway."Please, who are you? And where is this place?" The hallway seemed endless and he couldn't endure his curiosity. "Maybe you shouldn't answer that but, why am I here?" He asked seriously with anxiety lancing in his sharp eyes."Your questions will soon be answered, please be patient." The middle-aged man said and suddenly paused beside a door. It was the only door in the hallway they were in."Old master is at the brink of death, please don't make him worry or ask too many questions." The man warned him politely before the door
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Chapter Five
Even before the fat receptionist came to wake him, Jamal had already left the motel room. He arrived at the bank so early that even the bank wasn’t fully open to accept customers.“Good morning, Miss.” He greeted the female banker at the counter but she ignored him, concentrating more on the handsome-looking man that was behind him. The same thing happened with the next cashier lady, he was harshly treated until he decided to check back in the customer care service desk.There was no queue other than customers having their account officers manage their cases, so he decided to try his luck with one of the customer care ladies.“Good morning Miss.” He greeted politely. The lady gave him a long look before sighing and narrowing her eyes back to her keyboard.“What was that for?” He thought inwardly, clenching his fist in anger. He tried to control himself since it was something he was used to.“Miss, please can you attend to me? I have been standing here since God knows when.” He cried o
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Chapter Six
Jamal has never been proud, excited, and happy in his entire life until this day. He had money. He was a rich heir. Everything was under his control. He started seeing himself in a new light and by the street transparent glass, he admired how handsome he was.His sharp ocean-blue eyes sparkled and his face was smooth and admirable. He had a brown trendsetter hair. It was now he realized how handsome he was. Maybe Mia was right, with money every man is hand-some.He confidently walked into the most expensive mall in the street with gallant strides and walked over to the racks of things that caught his attention. Who would have thought that a time would come when he got to visit it?The attendants were busy with other rich-looking customers and even when some of them saw him, no one agreed to follow him because of how he looked. His outfit was stale, patchily sown, and outdated. He decided to do the shopping himself and make payment.He picked a white can from the rack and smiled.“The e
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Chapter Seven
“By withdrawing the compensation fund, it proves that you have agreed to take up responsibility,” Dennis informed him courteously.The driver stood outside while Jamal and Dennis discussed inside the black-tinted SUV's latest model car.“I wanted to check if all that is happening is real, no doubt it wasn’t a dream.” He curled his lips.“But I still don’t get that I’m from a rich family. Do I have any more hidden family members?” His voice was filled with sarcasm which made Dennis chuckle.“Not really but yes. Your late father got married to three wives and each of them had two sons excluding your late mother, and I must say your family is quite critical. As time goes on, I will explain everything to you.” Dennis explained abruptly. “Be rest assured, Old Jack left you under my care and I won’t bring any hurt to you,” Dennis added.“I’m not afraid of hurt. I’m just confused, honestly. All these are too much to take in.” He sighed heavily.After a brief silence, Dennis brought out a gol
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Chapter Eight
“What? Dad, what are you trying to do? Of all people, you chose to side with this creep?” Audrey barked at her father.“Mr. Jamal, I’m so sorry for how they must have treated you.” Audrey’s father apologized with a short bow and all of them were confused and surprised.“Dad, he is the one who started this in the first place. If he hadn’t dared to punch a rich person in the face, he wouldn’t have gotten here. He is a rag that almost forgot his position.” Audrey ranted in annoyance.“Yes, uncle. He did something dreadful and must be punished, how can a poor rat forget his status!” Audrey’s brother adjourned.“Stop! Just stop it.” Audrey’s father snapped them out of their thought.“He isn't a poor boy or common man as you think.” Audrey’s father said, giving Jamal a short look. “The man you see here is the he- -” Jamal grabbed his hand before he could spill his secret.“What’s going on? Who the fuck is he?” Audrey’s uncle queried in anger. “How dare he punch my son as low as he is.” He c
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Chapter Nine
Shallowed in anger, distrust, and disappointment, he yelled the middle-aged man’s name disrespectfully: “Dennis! Dennis!” He screamed as he stormed into the mansion, the guards tried to hold him back but somehow he fought his way through. “What are you - -?” Dennis couldn’t hold him and he fully entered the living room. He paused at a spot, breathing heavily as he stared at the cold-looking people seated on the armchairs with confusion lingering in his eyes. “Mr. Jamal, why are you here?” Dennis broke the long silence nervously. “Here comes the famous thief in town.” An aged woman laughed, clapping her hands. “I never knew Dad gave birth to a few more rats.” A young man almost the same age as him scoffed in mockery. Jamal looked at them as fury boiled in his eyes, he was desperate to punch them in their faces but had no power to do that. Dennis grabbed his shoulder. “Why did you come here?” Dennis whispered, his eyes were filled with guilt. “Why wouldn’t I come when you have de
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Chapter Ten
“Wait! Mr. Jamal, please wait.” Dennis followed him out of the mansion, he was furious and not willing to give him listening ears.“Explain what? The fact that you intentionally gave me a fake cheque to embarrass myself in the bank or the fact that you lied to me countless times?” He raised a brow, giving Dennis a scornful look.“I had my reasons, please let me explain.” Dennis urged. He exhaled deeply before nodding.“Fine, go ahead.” He rested his hand on his waist.“As for the cheque, it was after I gave you that I noticed that your stepbrother, James, switched it with the original. And as for the golden card, it is real and only you have it, Madam Felicia has the camouflage which isn’t useful.” Dennis meticulously explained to him and he sighed.“But still, you would have given me some heads up. I disgraced myself at the bank.” He frowned.“Do you want me to fire them?” Dennis raised a brow and he shook his head in refusal.“No, don’t. It’s not necessary as they did what they are s
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