Revenge and Redemption: Aaron's Tale of Resilience

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Revenge and Redemption: Aaron's Tale of Resilience

By: Annet CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Aaron's tragic love life comes to a tragic end, seeing him left with absolutely nothing. This closed door opens a door out of his wildest imagination, a past that he thought never existed sees him in a new world of affluence and power. With this comes various enemies, complications, and public slandering. He is not ready for this world of the rich, but as he finds his way through these turmoils, his mind is only centered on one thing…sweet revenge. Aaron's thirst for revenge pushes him to do things that could destroy himself, can he overcome these emotions and forgive? Or will his thirst lead him to the point of no return?

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171 chapters
Chapter one
“Aaron, sign it! You have no fucking choice now!” His mother-in-law exclaimed and slammed a sheet of paper on his desk.His face went completely ashen at the sight of the paper and his heart and mind started racing with panic. Aaron’s anxious eyes darted around and stared out of the creaking door of his tiny office on the ground floor of the huge company. The scene of his mother-in-law and brother-in-law barging into his office with an intimidating determination was already causing a stir among his colleagues. “Please, not here!” He exclaimed in fierce whispers but neither the older woman nor his wife’s brother bulged. “Common, Theresa, don’t do this here!” She snarled at him scornfully, “You thought we’d just let it go? We’ve played this cat and dog game for too long. Now sign the fucking divorce agreement and free my daughter of this abominable union this instant!”Aaron knew that this would leave a permanent smear on his rather irrelevant reputation. Further embarrassment in th
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Chapter two
Aaron refused to believe what his eyes were revealing to him.Anna? How could she be here when she was supposed to be on a business trip? I mean that’s what she had told him before she 'left' four days ago, or had he heard wrong? Very unlikely. More confusing was, why was she with his boss? Why did they stand so close together? What the fuck was going on? He rose to his feet, “Anna? What are you doing here?” He asked, his voice quivering and he couldn’t control it.She sighed and shook her head, her face visibly annoyed. “I didn’t want to come here, Aaron, but you were so persistent when my mom and brother came here that I had to show up, so here I am.” “I don’t understand, why are you here when…when you were supposed to be on a business trip?” He asked, refusing to look at his boss who he had been working under like a slave for the past year or so. “Josh said stuff about you and some boss’ house and-” “Aaron stop,” Anna said, getting fed up with his shameful and embarrassing beha
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Chapter three
Aaron looked around, There was no one else in sight, he was the one he was talking to without a doubt.“Quick! Get an umbrella over his head!” The old man commanded.Aaron didn’t know where the fuck the man who held an umbrella over his head morphed out from, but suddenly, he didn’t feel the turbulent rain beating down on him anymore. “Let’s get out of the rain, young master.” The old man said.Aaron shook his head and left the shelter of the umbrella, keeping a distance away from them. The man had referred to him once again as a young master! Who the hell was this? “I don’t know you and I don’t know why you keep calling me that, but I am sure you’ve got the wrong guy,” Aaron said in a loud voice. “I’m Aaron Whittaker, I don’t know why you think I’m your young master, I’m just a designer. I’m not your guy.”The old man walked closer to him and held his wrist in a firm grip, “How about we talk about this in the car? You don’t want to keep standing under this merciless rain, do you,
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Chapter four
“Have a seat, Master Aaron,” Adolph said politely and offered him a comfortable sofa. Aaron started to believe the words of the old man but even though he did, he still couldn’t come to terms with it. How could he go from absolutely nothing, from a reject, a man who had been cheated on harshly and brutally kicked out of the company he worked for, to being the grandson of a billionaire? How was that eve? Possible? What kind of luck was this? Or could he call it luck? “This is all too much for me to take all of a sudden, Mr. Churchill. No one ever made mention of my parents, I can’t recall ever having any, I’ve just lived my life like that ever since.” He said, his thoughts curled up in his head in turmoil, there was an excitement buried beneath his confusion. “Of course…I do not expect you to live…over two decades of your life and then…” The old man coughed roughly before continuing. “And then believe this out of the blue…but I assure you, Aaron…my grandson…it’s all true and all
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Chapter five
Aaron struggled to adapt at first to his new status.His grandfather had been very insistent and vehement on him learning everything he possibly could within a very short time frame and it was now Aaron who understood why the old man was in such a hasty rush. Half a month after that fateful night that turned his life around, he was standing in the garden where his parents had been buried but it wasn't his parents he came to mourn this time, there was a fresh grave. The last relative he had was gone and although it was short-lived, the sort of love and care his grandfather had showered upon him made Aaron feel like he belonged somewhere. The old man had helped him develop himself and Aaron knew who he was and how powerful he had come to be.This was his dynasty, the consortium was his now, but there was an emptiness in him as he stared at the embellished grave of his grandfather. The old man's last words before he had given up the ghost reverberated in his head,"Aaron, you've had it
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Chapter six
There was a certain man that attached himself to Aaron and Helen, no one else came close and Aaron started wondering who he was. In the elevator, escaping the curious eyes of the boisterous crowd below, the man had left them as the bodyguards refused to allow anyone else to enter the same elevator with the new boss and Helen. "Who was that man dressed in a flashy suit that walked next to us?" He asked Helen as the elevator rode up. "Oh, that was Mr. Davis, he is the CEO of this branch." She replied. "He's a very determined worker and he's as strict as hell. You'll wonder how he has managed to handle over seven hundred employees under him for the past eight years."Aaron suddenly grinned and asked, "So Helen, how many employees do I have under me?"She stared at him then blew at her cheeks hopelessly, "To be honest, Mr. Churchill, you can't count them, it's impossible." She replied with a charming smile.Aaron laughed softly, this was the life he had always dreamt of. He controlled
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Chapter seven
Anna and Lucas got out of the car and the first thing that caught their attention was the beautiful car parked some meters away from where theirs was parked. They had never seen this particular car on this street; it was a car that was very rare to spot. It was rare to spot, but everyone knew one of these babies when they saw one, it was a fucking Pagani Huayra! There were only a hundred units of this expensive limited-edition car in the world and it was worth millions of dollars! So who in the world would be driving such a car? They were so engrossed in their curiosity that they didn't even notice Aaron at their doorstep. "Damn, that is some ride!" Lucas exclaimed and whistled. "Let's not look at what we can't get for too long, baby, before we get obsessed," Anna said to him and tapped his arm.It took an effort, but they finally wrenched their eyes away from the car and that was when they both saw Aaron. He had a content look of satisfaction in his eyes as he had been watching t
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Chapter eight
Aaron walked into his office with a frown on his face, his mind was rowdy with his thoughts. Was Anna going to send him a wedding invite? That would be the dumbest thing to do as they were so ignorant of his new status. "Bunch of fools." He muttered under his breath as he went around his desk. "Yeah, real bunch of fools." A feminine voice permeated through the room, startling him. "Christ, Helen!" Aaron exclaimed, his frown deepening, "When did you walk in and how the fuck did you even hear what I said?" She shrugged, "I have a sleek way of walking in, I have an incredible sense of hearing, plus, I doubt you would have heard me over that cussing." Aaron looked away and relaxed on his comfortable chair. "What's the matter, Aaron?" Helen asked as she sat opposite him. "Who are those bunch of fools?" He stared at her, regarding her beautiful features. Helen was very lovely looking, but she carried this formal and indifferent look every time. This was the only time her face wasn'
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Chapter nine
Aaron was glad that the meeting didn't take as long as he had dreaded. Everyone around the large, round mahogany desk kept staring at him as if he were an alien. They were all surprised that the new Mr. Churchill was so young. The headquarters in New York was twice as big as the branch in Kingston. With each new property of his that Aaron came across, he became more marveled and intrigued.The moment the meeting was concluded, Aaron rose to his feet and shook all of them. A certain man with a flawless white beard almost touching his chest and equally white hair withheld his hand firmly. "How about you join us for a little celebration we're hosting in honor of you, Mr. Churchill? It would be a pleasure for you to grace the event tonight." The older man said to Aaron. A party? In honor of him? Well of course yes! Aaron kept his composure and just nodded. "I'll most certainly make an appearance tonight, Mr.…?" "Neville," The old man smiled. "Henry Neville."Aaron nodded awkwardly a
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Chapter ten
Aaron was back in Kingston three days later, it was his best vacation ever, not like he had had any before this one.Helen was a great companion and apart from sharing his bed, she taught him an awful lot about the company. "You need to learn how to shoot a gun, Aaron." She said as they rode in a Bugatti back to his mansion. "Some day." He replied apathetically, with no intention of doing so."You're gonna need it, shooting practice, tomorrow." She insisted and he stared at the deadpan look on her face. "Alright, alright," He surrendered. "But it doesn't mean I'll go around carrying one."She just smirked and said, "You'll get the hang of it." "I won't, I need to go shopping for new clothes." He said, "I'll find the nearest boutique and-” "Christ, you don't need to do anything. Just tell me what you need and I'll have it delivered by tonight." She said, horrified by the idea of Aaron doing his shopping. "I'm my own man, Helen, I do my shopping, okay?" He said."Fuck, still have
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