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Victor Garcia, a poor 24-year-old cleaner at a software company, lost his job after a clumsy mistake and lost all hope. He activated the Career Simulator System and embarked on a series of challenging missions. As he worked different jobs, Victor discovered hidden secrets in various careers and uncovered corruption in his country. Join Victor on his journey as he fights mafias and corruption, striving to make his country a better place. Brace yourself for intense missions and thrilling adventures as Victor scales up in life and uncovers the truth.

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  • Ink Butterfly


    Great read, the author's delivery is very exceptional...

    2023-11-03 18:20:26
  • Blessing Eloho


    Just started reading and I'm already loving it so far...

    2023-11-03 18:18:37
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"Clean those keyboards!" A man's angry voice pierced the air, and Victor hurried over to his cubicle. Rows of interconnected workspaces filled the spacious room. Victor held a mop in one hand and a bucket in the other. His employment was as an office cleaner at Pixelette Technologies, one of South Dakota's most renowned software companies. Victor hadn't chosen this path willingly; it was the only work he could find with just a high school diploma. His dreams of further education were shattered when a tragic car accident left him orphaned and in the care of his demanding grandfather. After high school, he managed to save enough to get a small apartment and has been living independently ever since. Each day, working as an office cleaner tested his patience, with co-workers bullying him and some even deliberately making messes. "Could you please allow me to clean your cubicle?" Victor politely inquired. The man looked at him with disdain as he rose from his chair. "Go ahead, clean it a
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[The system will provide all the necessary resources to start your journey.]Victor continued to struggle to understand what was happening. "Who are you? Reveal yourself! I can't comprehend what's going on!" Victor exclaimed. He noticed that people passing by on the street were staring at him as if he were crazy. He hurriedly ran to his apartment building and entered his small apartment, but the screen remained in front of him. He stopped in the middle of his room.[I'm the system that connects to you and will accompany you wherever you go.]"System? What on earth is this system?" Victor asked, still shocked by the information and the voice that seemed to be implanted in his head. Everything was entirely new to him."Take a look at your phone," the voice urged."Huh?" Victor was puzzled as to why the voice was asking him to do that. He opened his phone and found a notification from Wells Fargo bank. He clicked on it.[Wells Fargo Bank: Your account balance is USD 2,000,496]"What!" Vi
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"You go, girl! Get rid of that bum!" One of Natalie's friends cheered."Yeah, kick him out, he doesn't deserve you!""Babe, please don't do this. I'm a millionaire now, and I can take care of you and all your needs. That's why I came looking for you," Victor stated in a trembling voice, a whirlwind of emotions coursing through him. He loved Natalie deeply and didn't want to lose her."A millionaire? Yeah right, you just got fired from your job and can't even afford to pay your rent for the month. I want nothing to do with you anymore," Natalie taunted as she signaled to her friends that they should leave the restaurant."Natalie, please don't go. I love you, and I assure you, I have the money to take care of you," Victor pleaded, tears streaming down his face.One of Natalie's friends, Tacha, spat on the ground near Victor. "You stink!""Yeah, go take a shower or something," another friend added. With that, they all left the restaurant, Natalie leading the way. Breaking up with Victor
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Esther spoke up calmly, "Let me take care of the bill.""No, let me pay," Victor insisted."It's okay. I brought you here, so it's my treat," Esther replied politely, not wanting to appear rude."I know you've been very kind to me so far but let me pay for our food. I can afford it," Victor insisted, determined to test whether the money transferred by the system was genuine."Alright, then, go for it," Esther responded, crossing her arms skeptically. She didn't believe that Victor could cover such an expensive bill, but she was curious to see what he would do.Victor examined the total bill, which amounted to $15,000. He glanced at the hotel account number on the check, took out his phone, and entered the account number along with the amount.'I hope the transfer goes through,' he thought, closing his eyes momentarily before reopening them. To his surprise and delight, the message "Transfer successful" flashed on his screen. A bright smile lit up his face. 'Oh my gosh! It went through
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"Wait, you paid an extra $20,000 just to get them out of the hotel?" Esther asked, raising an eyebrow. She hadn't expected Victor to go to such lengths."Yes, I want to teach them a lesson and show them that they are not on the same level as me," Victor replied, his arrogance evident.Suddenly, a woman and the waiter returned to their table. The woman, dressed in an elegant black suit, spoke up. "Sir, I heard that you want to chase those ladies out of the hotel after they finish eating. Unfortunately, that won't be possible. They are customers here, just like you, and we can't discriminate against them. We will refund your extra $20,000."Victor stood up, frustrated. "Why can't you do this for me? And you can keep the extra $20,000," he urged."Sir, that's our hotel policy. The only way you could have that authority is if you were one of the hotel's shareholders, which I assume you are not," the woman explained."I'll have to become a shareholder, then. I must humiliate Natalie and he
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"I am a bum, but I just became a shareholder in this five-star hotel and just banned you and your mannerless friends from this restaurant. You know, I loved you, but after what you did to me in that restaurant, I never want to see your face ever again!" Victor yelled, his voice filled with anger and disappointment."Guards, take them out of this restaurant," Victor commanded in a stern tone."Ladies, please head toward the exit. Don't make us drag you out," one of the guards added in a firm voice."You're going to pay for this, Victor! I don't care who you think you are, but this is not over!" one of Natalie's friends yelled defiantly.“Yeah, you haven’t seen the last of me!” Tacha chimed in.The guards escorted them out of the hotel, leaving them standing outside with disgruntled expressions. This experience was one of the most humiliating moments they had ever faced."Who does Victor think he is? I can't believe he has that kind of power to kick us out of the hotel," Tacha complaine
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Victor knew he couldn't reveal the truth about the system, so he had to come up with a plausible explanation. "I've been working as a cleaner at a software company for a few years now. Over that time, I managed to save up a decent amount of money, which I spent earlier. But I really do need a job. Although I bought shares in the hotel as an act of revenge, I can see it being a great investment, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes. So, please, is there anything you can do to help me?" Victor hoped that his fabricated story would convince Esther to lend him a hand."That's impressive. You know, if I had known the money you used to pay for our dinner was your life savings, I wouldn't have let you pay. Regardless, I can help you secure a job. I own a delivery company called Premount Delivery Company. Have you ever heard of it?" Esther asked.Victor's eyes widened, and his mouth fell open. Premount Delivery Company was one of the most reputable companies in the entire country and learn
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"What if I don't want to go with you?" Victor asked, raising an eyebrow."Then you'll have yourself to blame for what happens next," Duke retorted. Victor swiftly yanked his arm away from Duke's grip and sprinted down the street."Hey!" Duke yelled as he gave chase. Victor had no idea where he was or why this stranger was pursuing him. All he knew was that he had to escape.As he ran through the unfamiliar streets, thoughts raced through Victor's mind. "Who is this guy, and why is he after me? What did I do to provoke him? I don't even know where I am. How will I find my way home?" Panic gripped him as he continued to flee.Victor stopped abruptly when he spotted an alleyway between two buildings on his left. Glancing back, he saw that Duke was about ten feet away. Without hesitation, he darted into the alleyway, emerging onto another street where cars sped by. He knew he had to cross the road."I need to cross this road, no matter what," Victor muttered to himself. Just as he was abo
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Victor sat in front of a police detective, ready to recount his harrowing experiences.The detective’s name was Fred, as it was clearly read on his badge. "Tell me, what happened exactly?" Fred asked, folding his hands in front of Victor."What happened was that I was waiting outside a five-star hotel waiting to catch a cab and head home when the man pulled up in a motorcycle in front of me. He offered to give me a ride, but I found it suspicious and declined. He suddenly grabbed my arm tightly, I broke free from his grip and escaped." Victor continued explaining how the whole event happened up until he made his way to the station."Oh my word, that must have been an intense experience. I am glad you took the initiative to come straight down here; that’s smart of you," Fred commended with a smirk."Yeah, I figured he might know my house address since he knew where to find me," he replied."First of all, do you have any idea who he is or who might have sent him to you?" Fred asked, rai
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They came down from the car and stood in front of the building. Fred took out his cellphone and went to the group chat as he dropped a message that he had arrived at the location with Victor. The COP replied that he should wait there with Victor, that a man will come and meet up with them, and that after the man arrives, Fred should leave the place.“Sir, are we going to go inside?” Victor asked curiously, staring at Fred.“Let’s wait for a bit; I am requesting backup just in case,” Fred answered. Victor nodded as he turned to look at the building. Suddenly he saw a tall man coming out of the building, and as the man got closer, he realized that it was Duke.“Officer, that’s the man! Arrest him!” Victor yelled as he looked at Fred.From the way Victor reacted, Fred realized that it was indeed the man who assaulted him. He wondered why the COP would want him to take Victor to a man who might probably harm Victor, but he didn’t want to lose his job or do anything that might offend the C
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