Sudden System: Son-In-Law Rich Supremacy

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Sudden System: Son-In-Law Rich Supremacy

By: okwidreas_ OngoingUrban/Realistic

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After being killed in the final level of the wealth system game, Edward woke up and found a system update. His life fell to the lowest level, his wife had an affair with a conglomerate man, his parents were fired from his ex-wife's company, until he and his parents were expelled from The Bazzlington City—a modern artificial city led by his ex-wife's family company. Outside The Bazzlington City, where people are poor and outcast live, Edward has to level up and build his business. No one expect his return to The Bazzlington City as an up-and-coming entrepreneur, rising up against his ex-father-in-law's company and the other famous conglomerates. How will Edward rise to the top of the game to destroy Rayyanco Walt Tech Company—his ex-wife's family company? Will Edward succeed in finding someone to bring him back to life? Also, how will Edward destroy the heart of The Bazzlington City system and restore the city to justice? [Ding!] [Billionaire Game System Activated!] [Starting Host Identification...] [Succes!] [Start The Game Now!]

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9 chapters
1. The End That Will Be Beginning
This was the end of the fight Edward had been waiting for.For years Edward had been involved in the game of those damn conglomerates. Edward waited that long in order to reach the pinnacle of this game level, a point that all the townspeople failed to reach.Edward's breathing was irregular. His palm holding his stomach was covered in blood. The rest of his energy seemed to have been almost drained from the two hours of fighting. The man standing a few meters in front of him, Arthur Aldebaron, gave a smirking smile."Can you kill me, Edward?"Level after level.Mission after mission.Edward has faced so many people trying to kill him. They were all after the topmost position. All manner of things, murders and uncontrollable things, were done by the people of the city. The game has taken hold of them, the elite and the poor, to the point of fighting each other.Edward was fed up.Now he didn't care who could win the game of wealth. The most important thing now was to finish them all.
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2. Woke Up: Found An Affair
LOS ANGELES.[SYSTEM STARTS SYNCHRONIZATION[11%... 22%... 44%... 56%... 61%... 78%... 81%... 88%... 91%... 100%[SYNCHRONIZATION COMPLETE!][HOST BODY RECOVERY BEGINS...[15%... 33%... 55%... 68%... 73%... 85%... 94%... 98%... 100%[FINISHED! THE SYSTEM SUCCESSFULLY RESTORED THE HOST'S BODY!][THE SYSTEM WILL PERFORM A RESET WITHIN 1×24 HOURS, STARTING FROM NOW]Edward slowly opened both eyes with a small groan. His head felt so dizzy that his vision blurred. It took him a few seconds to blink his eyes repeatedly, adapting to the surrounding light.As his eyes began to open, Edward saw the bright city skyline and rooftops. There was the sound of roaring vehicles that caught his ears.Edward was confused. He was stunned for a few seconds until he finally sat up. It was then that he saw the state of his own body. Why had he fallen asleep on the long sidewalk bench?In his daze, Edward tried to recall what had happened to him. But there were no memories in his brain. Edward had no idea
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3. Mission Completed: The First Skill and A Lot Of Money
This is strange.A system suddenly appeared in front of his face along with pieces of memory of who the woman in front of him was. After realizing Bella is his wife-and now in a hotel room with another man, Edward's heart aches.Edward approaches Bella and Savador who are still frozen in their places. He moves slowly. As Edward approached, Bella spread one arm in front of Savador's body. Protecting the man."Don't come any closer, Edward," Bella said in a threatening tone, despite the fear in her eyes.Edward ignored her completely. His eyes remained wide, looking angrily at Bella and Savador.[NEW MISSION SYSTEM ALERT!][MISSION: ACTIVATE SPEED FIST SKILL][DESCRIPTION: HIT ANYONE UNTIL IT MEETS THE MAXIMUM LIMIT SPECIFIED][FAST BOXING SKILL 0/10][TIME LIMIT: 20 MINUTES][MISSION REWARD: $10,000 & 2,000+ Level Points]Edward was actually confused as to why the hologram screen in front of his face was displaying a mission. But because his anger had taken over his heart, Edward immed
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4. A Trap from Father-in-Law
Edward didn't quite understand what had just happened to his family.In the lobby of a corporate building, Edward watched as various journalists gathered. They seemed to be waiting for something while holding microphones and cameras. A few hours ago Edward had received news that a major corruption case had been uncovered at Rayyanco Walt Tech-the company owned by his wife Bella's family.This company is also where Edward's parents work.Not only the corruption case, but also the perpetrators behind the corruption.Edward immediately rushed through the crowd of reporters. In front of the reporters, security guards formed a line to hold them back. Everyone seemed to be pushing each other so that Edward's body was nudged several times."ALLOW US TO COVER WHO THE EMBEZZLER IS IN THIS COMPANY!""HOW DID THE EMBEZZLEMENT HAPPEN?! TELL US!"Edward winced as his body swayed. Until finally after being in the front row of the reporters, Edward saw a familiar figure walking from the direction of
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5. Humiliated and Displaced
Edward's steps moved quickly and emphatically as he approached the main door of Arthur's mansion.There was Arthur's car driving away from the stopping point in front of the mansion just as he arrived. This indicated that Arthur had just returned home after the meeting with the reporters. Edward bypassed Arthur's mansion bodyguards and went straight to the living room.This was the right moment."Wow, look who's here," Jacob, Bella's younger brother said with a big smile in greeting.Edward paid no attention to Arthur's family members gathered in the living room. Edward's angry gaze was fixed on Arthur who was watching him."What did you do to my parents?!" Edward raised his voice just as he lunged for Arthur's shirt collar.Suddenly the other family members panicked. Bella and Agatha - Bella's mother - stood up from the sofa in unison. While Jacob glared in surprise, he wanted to approach Edward but was blocked by Arthur's gesture."Why did you come and get angry with me?" Arthur ask
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6. Being Trash in People's Eyes
CARVERAL CITY.Edward could not meet his parents again after being outside The Bazzlington City. The Bazzlington City's special security car carrying his parents was different-they were traveling directly to the police station.While The Bazzlington City's security car carrying Edward stopped on the sidewalk. Edward was forced to get out of the car, then watched the area of kumoh shophouses that lined the few meters. Residents with the look of thugs and sidewalk beggars near the trash bins greeted Edward's eyes.The sight of all this gave Edward goosebumps. Edward turned to face one of The Bazzlington City's security guards, who grabbed him by the collar of his uniform."Please, meet me with my parents. I need to see them!" Edward pleaded with the Bazzlington City security guard.The burly man in front of Edward only wore a flat expression. He grabbed both of Edward's wrists and immediately pushed his body.Edward's body swayed a few meters backwards. Luckily, he was able to maintain
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7. Second Mission Completed
[NEW MISSION SYSTEM ALERT!][MISSION: MEET SMALL RESTAURANT OWNER & PAY OFF DEBT][DESCRIPTION: Visit a small restaurant called 'EL RICCO RAFAELLO RESTAURANT' and pay off the debt of Geraldian, the owner of the small restaurant, with money that will go into your account][TIME LIMIT: 1 Hour 30 Minutes][MISSION REWARD: $10,000,000 & 3,000+ Level Points]Edward read the mission that appeared in front of his face with a furrowed brow. He couldn't believe the amount of money displayed as the mission reward. After staggering from the sidewalk where he was attacked by Jerry, Edward was now near the nightclub area."What does that mean? How am I supposed to find that restaurant?" muttered Edward grumblingly, casting his eyes around.Around Edward there were quite a few restaurant shophouses, barber shops, or simple nightclubs. But all of them really looked shabby. Barely maintained. Edward did not see any El Ricco Rafaello Restaurant in this area.Edward let out an uneasy sigh. His steps co
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8. More Money On Edward's Bank Account
[$1,000,000 MONEY TRANSFER SUCCESSFUL!]Edward arches a relieved smile after successfully sending the money. Shortly after, Richardo checked his cell phone because he heard a loud notification sound."How did it go? Did the money come in?" Edward asked between his satisfied smiles.Richardo stared in surprise at the phone screen, almost in disbelief. The two other loan shark men who approached also simultaneously gaped in astonishment. They were silent for a few seconds, then looked at each other."Wait," Richardo turned to Edward again, "you really are a rich man. Why are you in this area of town?"There was no answer from Edward. At that moment Edward looked at Richardo as if challenging."Do you trust me already? I'm not lying," Edward replied. "The question of why I am in this city is none of your business. What matters is the debt..." Edward pointed at Geraldian. "...are paid off, right?The two men on Richardo's right hand were still gawking as if guessing who Edward really was.
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9. The First Bussiness Deal
Edward did not understand what Geraldian meant. Edward had never heard of Arthur taking young men in the city of Carvelar. Let alone to be used as guinea pigs."Lower the knife in your hand, I don't understand at all," Edward said as he raised his hand. Trying to calm Geraldian's anger.Geraldian remained firmly holding the knife in hand. He took one step forward, still pointing the knife at Edward, and viewed Edward as a threat."You must be in on Arthur's plan too! Where are you hiding our children?" Geraldian asked accusingly."Geraldian, put your knife down first. We will talk nicely." Edward calmed down again. His gaze grew wary as the tip of the knife was only an inch in front of his face."You are a threat..." Geraldian grumbled angrily.At that moment Edward accidentally glanced at some frames displayed on the wooden table. Near the counter, Edward was drawn to one of the picture frames featuring Geraldian with a young man and... Arthur?Why would Arthur be with them?"I know
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