Useless Son-In-Law Is A Divine Doctor

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Useless Son-In-Law Is A Divine Doctor

By: Orchard Minn Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Adam met with an accident after his wife's lover threw him out. 3 days later, he woke up to a string of surprises- he had magical medical powers and his grandfather was a rich business tycoon. He was set to take over the Walters Corporations when he realized something that shocked him to the core. A sinister person was manipulating his life behind the scenes... The same person that murdered his parents, faked his sister's death and even tried to kill him countless times. This person sent Adam a letter, daring him to play a dangerous game of finding him in 60 days, else the legacy his grandfather handed to him will be crushed... Adam accepts the challenge, racing against time to discover who this person is. Was it a a blood relative, an enemy from his past, a member of his ex-wife's family or just a stranger wanting to see him miserable? (°_°) Hi, readers. My update days are Mondays to Saturday's. Thanks.

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  • Orchard Minn


    Keep it going, author!

    2024-01-27 15:10:07
  • kita.guchi


    A lot of reoeated chapter. No wonder no one give a bad rating. Please fix all the chapters

    2024-04-12 13:54:50
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107 chapters
01: You Started the Fire on Him!
"Adam Carter! You useless piece of trash! How could you be so careless?" Adam was jolted awake by the shrill sound of his mother-in-law's voice. He rushed down to the sitting room to see her panicking and yelling. "Useless man! You've burnt down the whole of my kitchen!"His heart skipped a beat as he dashed towards the left, revealing a big cloud of smoke. "Fuck! This is bad!"When he was done with his chores, he didn't leave any appliances on earlier. But he recalled that David was walking towards the kitchen when he left. With panic, Adam dashed into the kitchen. David was the 8-year old son of his wife's elder brother, Nate Hemsworth. If anything happened to him, the whole family wouldn't spare him. "David!" Adam adjusted his eyes, holding his breath in the fumes. The smoke was coming from the microwave oven, and hadn't penetrated everywhere yet. "David!" He finally found the little figure huddled in one corner of the kitchen, seemingly unconscious. "My poor grandson! Oh
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02: Stab You to Death!
Adam's heart skipped a beat.The last time Lori sent him out, he forgot to prepare warm water for her bath. She'd thrown him out, only allowing him in at midnight. But now she was going to lock him out till the next morning? That too, in front of a stranger? "You're not deaf, are you? I said, get out!" Lori screamed again. Adam gritted. It would only get worse if he stayed, so he picked his wife and placed her in the bedroom. After placing some medications for hangovers by her cabinet, he left and went to sit in the garden. 6pm. Adam lazed around, tending the garden and watering the herbs he secretly cultivated. His father had left a Chinese book of medicine and he found some good herbs he could cultivate locally. If he sold some, he might be able to afford some quality gifts for his wife's birthday next month. Night descended and soon Adam could hear the sound of laughter from the dining, Roberto's voice the loudest. That pervert! If Roberto thinks he could snatch Seraphina
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03: His Ancestral Pendant!
Seraphina's words sent daggers through Adam's heart. She hated him so much that she wished him death. "I prepared a divorce agreement a month ago. Quickly sign it!" Seraphina threw a folder at him. Adam stared down at it in shock. While he was enduring, trying to please her, she'd already planned a way to get rid of him! "What're you being slow for, sign the damn thing already!" Lori lashed out. Adam cast another look at Seraphina, the last shred of love he had for her fading in his eyes. "Are you sure about this?""I've never been so sure." Despite the pain in his heart, he picked up the pen and signed the divorce document. "From now on, I no longer have anything to do with such a useless person!" Seraphina beamed happily, twirling to share a passionate kiss with Roberto.Adam clenched his teeth, his heart slamming as he watched them. He didn't realize when he crushed the pen in his hands to bits. "I request for the papers to the Hundred Herb Mall before I leave.""Really?" L
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04: Poison In Grandfather's Tea?
Adam rolled on the bed, groaning as pain attacked all parts of his body. Memories of what happened floated back to his mind, leaving him dazed. He actually survived? Adam blinked his lashes open, meeting himself in an unfamiliar environment. Lying on a king-sized bed, he was in a luxurious room with chandeliers and ancient paintings on the wall. Adam sat up admist the excruciating pain. He tried to move his left leg, but the cast was too heavy. Asides that, a large bandage was wrapped around his head and his back. Being a medical expert himself, he knew it was a miracle he survived. Judging by the several injuries he sustained, he might never be able to walk again. All because of those damn people! Adam suppressed the anger in his heart, observing the room again.Where the hell was he? Suddenly, footsteps approached the door along with two voices. "Listen, you'd better not have any ideas about the Master, else your grandfather is totally going to kick you out!""Jacob, you!" t
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05: Amelia is Alive?
Adam sat frozen in shock as Roberto crossed the room, saluting thier grandfather before seating right next to him. "We meet again." His smile didn't reach his eyes. "You guys have met?" Camilla and the old man were a bit surprised. Adam snapped out of his reverie, after taking in a large gulp of water."V. . .Very briefly. Back in Colorado. " He admitted, giving them little chance to ask anything further. His grandfather definitely cannot know that Roberto was responsible for his accident, right after snatching his wife. Roberto flashed him another meaning smile before they began eating. "Oh, Rob. How's been the company these days?" Camilla spoke up. After Felix was kicked out, Williams had maintained the position of Vice President at Walters Corporations, successfully handing it down to his son. Adam clenched his jaw, trying to control his rage. This father-son pair didn't seem too simple. "Things have been going smoothly. Though I'm yet to understand why Grandpa is hesitati
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06: Fierce Shop-Attendant!
In a separate wing of the Walter's mansion, a well-built bodyguard knocked on a door and walked in. "Master." He bowed deeply at the man clothed in dark robes seated near the window. "Speak.""Adam just left the mansion with his bodyguard, they seemed to be headed to the airport. Should I intercept them?""Fleeing in the middle of the night?" the man stroked his gray beards. "Very interesting. Is that all?""Cleo asked the old man for a cheque before they left."He nodded, a fierce look on his face. "Was there anyone else with them?"The guard's eyes flickered. "N. . .No, Master. I only saw the two of them leave quietly."The man fixated his hard gaze on the window for a while. "That's fine, let them run as far as they can. They can't escape the calamities awaiting!".Adam flipped through the LaoTsu Textbook of Chinese Medicine. He'd been trying to find a cure to Amelia's condition for the past hour. But his mind kept wandering back to the dark figure he noticed watching as they l
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Aren't You Supposed To Be Dead?
"Young man, are you going to make this easy or hard?" one of the officers bellowed at Adam. "You aren't even going to hear my side of the story?" Adam gritted. "There's proof that I didn't bring anything into this mall!"He faced the old man. "Please tell them what happened."The shop-keeper's face paled, he quickly sent a pleading look at the man, flashing some dollar bills but the man was unperturbed. "I came into this shop to buy some Purple Bex for my daughter's fever, I only had 40 dollars so he refused to give me the herb unless I handed him my ancestral pendant." "What?" Everyone gasped. "I can swear that the herb was brought by his assistant! I'd barely left when this young man came in. The fake herb had been in the mall all along.""You!" the shop-keeper's chubby fingers pointed at the old man in anger. Adam waved the assistant over. "Tell them, was I the one that brought this herb or it had been here all along?"The boy stared at the shop-keeper in contempt. "This man h
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08: Your Day of Retribution is Near!
Adam twirled to find Lori huffing at him, hands on her waist, face full of makeup. "You were supposed to be dead, Adam! What're you doing here sneaking around my garden?" Adam suppressed the urge to grab and strangle her by the neck right now. "What happened to all my herbs, Lori?""Oh, that?" she chuckled. "It was such an eyesore, so I asked the guards to uproot everything, soon they're coming to sweep the place and discard the leftover trash."Adam could no longer suppress the anger in his heart.He leapt forward, grabbing her throat. "I spent my life cultivating this garden, and you dare to waste everything like that?" His eyes turned red from fury. The only herb that could cure his sister had been ruined by this witch. He was going to get his revenge today! "Let go of me!" Lori choked under his grip, but he didn't let her off.Adam suddenly felt a force hit him from the side, sending him sprawling to the floor. "How dare you touch my mother?" Seraphina had arrived with sever
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09: Could Be a Psychological Problem!
The receptionist was taken aback by Adam's sudden outburst. "You can't meet Dr Walker today, so please leave!"Adam paid her no more heed, checking his watch he returned to his seat. He was willing to wait until the man comes out. "Excuse me, Mister. The doctor is not available to meet someone like you, leave before I involve the members of the security!" the receptionist was starting to get harsh. "Someone like me? What do you mean by that?" Adam stood up to ask. "We always have misers like you come here from time to time, demanding to see the doctor as if you were the one paying his salary!" she spoke condescendingly. "So because I'm poor, I don't have access to medical care in a federal hospital? Miss Halls, is this what your boss taught you?" Adam was getting riled up already. He glanced down at her ID- Nancy Halls. She ignored him, and quickly pressed the emergency button her desk. "Please send in a few security men, we have a disturbance.""Are you going to leave on your ow
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10: All a Set-Up?
The next morning, Adam headed to the Hundred Herb Mall early enough to begin inspection of all the herbs. They decided to take out tome to clean the mall of fake herbs, re-stock quality and audit all the accounts. Midway through, they discovered that more than half of the herbs in the shop were fake. The shop-keeper got a steady supply of fake herbs that he even forgot to take care of the original ones. Checking the accounts, they saw that he received the fake herbs from certain farmers who claimed to come from Ireland. Adam could already guess that the farmers IDs were fake. "Do you perhaps have any photos of the men that supplied these herbs?" He asked Eunice and Jude. "No, boss. The shop-keeper always made sure we stay back while they offloaded the herbs into the store room, we could only get a glimpse of them, but one thing is sure, they were tall and muscular and didn't look a bit like farmers.""Of course." Adam didn't expect them to be farmers. They were probably just thu
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