The Ascent of the Billionaire Son-in-Law

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The Ascent of the Billionaire Son-in-Law

By: Suzzy Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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His transformation into an amnesiac turned him into a son-in-law and a worthless individual. When he was wealthy, he was well-liked in his mother-in-law's eyes, but after going bankrupt, he was despised and called a waste. Even his wife was compelled by his mother-in-law to abort the fetus! He regained power in his ferocious wrath and made everything beneath him tremble!

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"Elliott, something's wrong. Your mother-in-law and that man are taking your wife to get an abortion. Hurry back home, quickly!" Elliott received a call from his neighbor that felt like a bolt from the blue as if the sky had fallen. He had only been married to Alma for half a year, and it was already a struggle to conceive a child. But now his mother-in-law was forcing his wife to have an abortion! A year ago, Elliott lay dying on the riverbank, seriously injured, surrounded by many onlookers, but no one reached out to help him. At that time, Elliott was in despair. Only Alma reached out to help him, taking him to the hospital and saving his life. Elliott was diagnosed with amnesia and couldn't remember anything from before. But he had a bank card with a password on it, containing a huge sum of one hundred million dollars! Elliott used the money to treat his injuries and started his own company. In just over half a year, the company had grown to a market value of five hundred m
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A few minutes later, countless phone calls were made to various public hospitals in Panama City. The callers were all high-ranking officials and even the city lord of Panama personally called the hospitals. Although they were not in the same system, the face of these officials made all public or private hospitals dare not refuse. For a while, all the places in Panama City that could perform surgery received notifications. Eddy drove a nearly two million Porsche to the hospital, while Aria stopped at the entrance and took a photo of the hospital gate, then posted it on her Snapchat Moments. "I brought my daughter here for surgery. This is the consequence of marrying the wrong person. Mothers in my friend's list, be sure to choose carefully when marrying off your daughters." After posting this Snapchat Moment, Aria smiled and said, "Let's go, let's go in now." When they said they were here for surgery, the nurse said, "Please show your ID." Alma handed over her ID card. The nur
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At this moment, Alma sent a message. "I'm sorry, Elliott, we lost the baby." Alma's message sent shivers down Elliott's spine. He immediately called her phone. The call was quickly answered, but it wasn't Alma on the other end. It was Eddy! "Elliott, I have good news for you. Although the child wasn't aborted, it was miscarried. Luckily, you weren't there, otherwise, you wouldn't be able to handle it, haha." "Is everything you said true?" Elliott's voice was as cold as ice. "Of course, I had to put in a lot of effort to abort the child. As you said, no hospital in Panama would perform the procedure. But we got lucky, Alma fell and lost the baby. Let me tell you a secret, I could have caught her, but I didn't, hahaha..." "Boom!" At that moment, Elliott was struck by lightning. His eyes erupted with an overwhelming killing intent! His body trembled violently, and with a snap, he crushed his phone! Tears streamed down his face. He lit a cigarette and bid farewell to the unborn chi
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If it weren't for their deep connection, the God of War would never have given him these two things to use! "Not deserve to die?" Elliott's voice suddenly turned icy cold: "My wife is pregnant, but he encouraged her to have an abortion!" "I have already forbidden all hospitals in Panama from performing abortions, but he still caused my wife to miscarriage! Do you know that this child is also related to the God of War? Now what do you think, should Eddy die?" Boom! Upon hearing these words, Erik's face turned pale. Alma was pregnant? Eddy encouraged her to have an abortion? And this child is related to the God of War? In that case, Eddy's death was not unjust at all! Thump! Thump! Thump! Erik and his son knelt directly. "Eddy caused the death of a child! He deserved to die a hundred times over!" "If anyone should kneel, it should be Eddy, not you." Elliott's voice became even colder, and he glanced over at the Dragon Slayer Sword before walking over and sitting down with i
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His heart was in pain. More painful than being pricked by needles! His flesh and blood had been stabbed to death by himself! He couldn't accept this fact. But he had to do it. Otherwise, the entire Ermington family would be destroyed. Elliott picked up the God of War seal, took the Dragon-slaying Sword, and walked out of the Ermington family villa slowly, with no waves in his heart. He had experienced this scene so many times that he had already become accustomed to it. "Promise me, don't even think about revenge. Otherwise, the Ermington family will be wiped out!" Erik stared at his two remaining sons with a serious expression and gave them a solemn warning. Evan and Emory nodded vigorously. "They knew the seriousness of the situation. Even if they had the courage, they wouldn't dare to seek revenge on Elliott, because behind him stood a God of War!" After coming out, Elliott called Alma, but Aria answered the phone. "Why are you calling my daughter's phone? Didn't I tell yo
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"No! This can't be true! You must be joking!" Aria panicked and desperately asked on the other end of the conversation. Erik hummed for a moment and suddenly hung up the phone! Aria looked at Elliott in disbelief. "How could my Eddy die?! It's impossible! This can't be true!" Aria's eyes widened and she grabbed Elliott's hand and rushed out of the house. "Mom!" Alma quickly shouted, but the two had already run far away. "Is it you?! Did you harm my Eddy?!" "I know, you must be jealous of my son-in-law's ability and beauty, so you took advantage of the opportunity to attack him when no one was around, right?!" Aria ran and questioned Elliott. Elliott's forehead turned black at this moment. Indeed, her mother-in-law was an expert in distorting the truth! "What? Did your son-in-law die and make you sad? Do you like seeing yourself in this sad state?" Elliott didn't back down and threw a cold sentence. "You! " "You're a useless person! Do you believe that I can have you arreste
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When Elliott looked at Aria, the latter had already been knocked unconscious. Erik walked up, trembling with fear, and looked at Elliott with a frightened expression. "My lord, how should we do to this despicable woman?" Although Elliott had killed Eddy, Erik knew that his son deserved it. Although he was grieving, he also regretted not educating his son properly. "Send a car to take me and her back together! Remember, my identity must not be exposed, otherwise." Elliott stopped halfway through his words and gave Erik a cold glance. "I understand!" Erik bowed and dared not be negligent. "Okay!" In the end, Emory sent Elliott and the unconscious Aria back home. When they dealt with this despicable arrival, Alma hurried over and saw Elliott carrying Aria into the house. "What's going on?!" "Elliott! What happened to you guys?! Why did my mother end up like this?!" Alma's face, which had just regained some color, turned pale again as she panicked and asked. "The Ermington
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Emos walked in from the door, looked around and saw no one, and then shouted, "Wife!" "What are you shouting for? I'm not deaf! You don't need to be so loud!" Aria shouted back from upstairs. "Yes...." Emos suddenly felt deflated like a punctured ball. "How could our family have two useless people like you? I was blind to marry someone like you! You're always causing trouble!" Aria pointed at Emos and cursed. "Elliott is still young, not like me! He still has a bright future and the ability to make big money!" Emos put his bag on the sofa and spoke in a gentle tone. "Bullshit! He can't even earn a few bucks a day! He just knows how to eat and use my family's resources. Now he dares to talk back to me!" Aria had nowhere to vent her anger today and was ready to take it all out on Emos. Upon hearing this, Emos immediately lowered his head. He was known in the area for being henpecked. Every time he tried to defend Elliott, he would be scolded by Aria. "You useless men! Who do yo
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Elliott stood there for a while, only to see a security guard walking towards him with a contemptuous look. "What are you looking at? No matter how you look, you'll never get into the door of Gilpper Group! Hurry up and get out of here! Don't stand here and block our view!" The security guard spoke and was about to use force against Elliott. The commotion on their side caught the attention of the people nearby. When they saw Elliott, who was wearing torn pants and a white shirt mixed in with the crowd of people in suits, they all showed a hint of disdain on their faces. "Did you hear that? Look at yourself first. A beggar like you, do you even deserve to be here at Gilpper Group?" The security guard spoke and tried to push Elliott, but Elliott grabbed his hand in return, making the security guard unable to move for a moment. "Ah! Let go of me, you beggar! Do you know where this is? Do you believe that I can find someone to beat you to death?" The security guard continued to shou
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Fredrick looked at Manager Max with a serious expression. "Manager Max! Wasn't that what we agreed on before? Are you going back on your word?" "You should know that with the strength of our Jack family, increasing sales for recruits is easy. Besides, our family's connections carry a lot of weight." Fredrick knew that Manager Max was arrogant, but he didn't expect him to be so unappreciative. He could only bring up the Jack family to make his point. But to his surprise, Manager Max was so angry that he couldn't speak. "The Jack family? What use is the Jack family? You can't even keep your jobs! It's all because of you! If you hadn't come today, I wouldn't have gone downstairs! I wouldn't have been so unlucky!" Manager Max had originally wanted to say that he had met the chairman, but he quickly changed his mind when he thought about the consequences. "What do you mean? Did you get fired? How could that be? It's only been a short while!" Fredrick was also confused. Just a moment
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