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James Johnson has always liked Sarah Brown since childhood but was rejected due to his background. His marriage was arranged, James Johnson married Sarah Brown and became the son-in-law of the Brown family. However, James Johnson and Sarah Brown's marriage after marriage was not happy, because Sarah Brown liked her ex-boyfriend Fred Page, so after getting married for a few months, she didn't even let James Johnson touch her body. Mother-in-law and younger brother-in-law also often trouble James Johnson, constantly mocking him, even withholding James Johnson's monthly salary and only giving him a few hundred dollars as pocket money. James Johnson had thought of resisting, but because his father Patrick Johnson had heart disease and owed the Brown family sixty thousand, he could only endure and live in grievance under the roof of the Brown family. Will he be able to survive the humiliation?

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Chapter 1
James watched as Sarah tripped over her dress for the umpteenth time in the name of dancing. The red velvet A-line gown that had been an object of pride and admiration a few hours ago was now about to strangle her if she kept tripping over it. They had been married for three years now, but in all that time they had never shared an intimate moment. Forced to marry her because of a debt his family owed her father, James Brown had been put through hell by both Sarah and her family for not being up to standard for either of them. He put his hand on her shoulder to keep her from falling, but she just shook it off like a bee sting. Her disgust for him was never far from her mind. Sarah had long despised the man she had been forced to marry by her father's will because he was tired of bearing the shame. It came with her ex's abandonment after their formal engagement. But her heart still longed for her ex-boyfriend, Fred Page, who had dumped her the minute he found someone better, even
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Chapter 2
Sarah woke up to find herself wrapped in the bedsheet stark naked, and then the memory of the previous night flashed before her eyes and she began to scream. James jumped out of bed with a start afraid they were being robbed. "What...what...?" He stuttered confused. Sarah's eyes widened at the absolute naked sight of him and she began to panic. "Oh my goodness, no no no no no." She turned to him again. "This is all your fault. You bastard! You monster!" She yelled throwing pillows at him. "What did I do wrong?!" He asked back surprised, even though he had expected her reaction. "What did you do wrong?! You bastard, how dare you take advantage of me and stand there bare-faced acting innocent!" She yelled. "You make it sound like I raped you, yet you were moaning all through the process " he mocked her. Her face shot red and she picked up the pillow again and hit him with it, all the while holding the sheets tightly to her breasts as she screamed at him. "I was not thinking str
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Chapter 3
James walked into the hospital room which had over time begun to smell like medicines and blood. He had over time gotten used to the smell of death hovering all over the room. He stared at his father who had been sedated so he could sleep peacefully. He had been that way for over two years now. James had begun to lose hope that one day he would ever get better. As he watched his father’s heartbeat on the monitor, he couldn't help regretting the fact that he was trapped in the situation he was in with the Browns, especially with the fact that Sarah hated him. As he stared at the monitor lost in thought, he did not notice the lines had begun to move faster, until the beeping sound began to rise and his father began to convulse. **** When James was back, Sarah was carefully picking out her silk black one-hand short dress. It had been slit up her left thigh.“Where are you going?” He asked.Sarah sat propped on the wooden furniture piece, which had been draped with an animal Skin, a
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Chapter 4
James Johnson had heard of Peter Causey several times, he knew the man had a string of rape cases on his hands. As much as he wanted to let her deal with it herself if she damn well pleased, he could not help but worry.The man was a serial womanizer and always managed to maneuver his way out of jail and never faced punishment for his actions. Sarah was a beautiful woman, and with the dress she was wearing, she would only give herself away as a whole meal to be eaten.He waited for her to leave before sneaking out behind her. As soon as he saw the red limousine leave the hotel grounds, he got into the yellow minicab and asked the driver to follow closely behind the limousine."Is something wrong, sir?" The white-bearded driver with a southern accent asked him as he drove, looking at James through the rearview mirror."No, everything is fine, just follow the car closely and stay out of sight. I'll take care of it from there," James replied."Okay, sir, if you are sure," the cabbie said
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Chapter 5
Sarah entered the beautiful hotel restaurant, taking in everything from the coral seafood soup she could see from the doorway to the grandeur of the entire building, the chandelier, and even the solid wooden table on which the chef was now serving her food.She watched with curious eyes as he turned a full turkey in a frying pan without letting it drop. She was amazed.Peter Causey watched her with lecherous interest, his eyes traveling the length of her dress, from the nape of her neck down to her breasts.He secretly watched as his imagination took him places, but he returned the moment Sarah spoke.Meanwhile, up in Peter Causey's room, Sarah was going through the documents he had given her. He had convinced her that the documents he needed her to sign were up there, and he did not want the prying eyes of the public while he did business with her.Naively, she had agreed, knowing that she had worked for months just to get a contract with him.The room was a mini-suite, and when he
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Chapter 6
Peter Causey glared at Sarah as her head began to bob from the dizziness she felt as a result of the drugs he had slipped into her drink. She tried to mumble a complaint, but she did not want him to think she was drunk or anything. Unknown to her, he had drugged her.She felt a delirious, staggering sensation overtake her as she spoke.Peter Causey stood and took the glass from her drooping hands. He placed the glass on the table in front of her and then gently helped her to her feet."It's okay, come on, try to get some rest, it's all right," he said as he led her to the bed. Sarah was not sure what was going on as everything was foggy and her mind was filled with clouds and smoke.Peter Causey laid her back down on the bed as she turned her head from side to side trying to fight the effects of the drug. "Shh shh, don't fight it beautiful, don't fight it," he said, smoothing her hair back with his hand.He laid her down and plopped down beside her, waiting for the drug to take full e
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Chapter 7
He placed his hand tightly over her mouth to muffle her screams and efforts to escape his hold. Tears filled Sarah's eyes as he molested her with his hands and mouth. Her tears soaked the bed under her head as she struggled against his strong, overpowering grip.He reached out to grope her breast when he heard the commotion outside the door. He got off her grudgingly pulled up his pants and walked briskly to the door.He looked through the peephole and found James in a fistfight with the guards outside. Two of his men had come from outside and they were all fighting one man.Yet, through the peephole, he could see that James was already overpowering them. He began to curse and skip backward with his trousers halfway up his leg.Sarah turned in the bed quietly struggling to sit up, she could barely even raise her hands, everything around her seemed to take a spin of its own accord and she could not control how she felt or even think properly.James had barely held one man down before t
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Chapter 8
James held Peter Causey by his collar and landed another punch to his already broken nose."This will teach you not to mess with women. They are the weaker vessel, fragile, and are to be protected not manipulated or hurt!" He said granting him another punch.Peter whimpered as James stood over him with an upper hand of power hitting him across the face. He could barely utter a word and so he settled for sounds instead. James allowed his eyes to scan the room for the camera that he had heard the other men talk about while he was outside before he began to fight them."Where is it? Where is it?!" James yelled at Peter Causey, but he had no idea what James was referring to."Where is the camera you intended on using to humiliate Sarah, where is the darn camera you fool!" He hit him across the face again, as Peter's hand rose shakily, he directed his forefinger towards the direction of the table behind James where he had placed the camera within a flower vase.James got up off him and we
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Chapter 9
The security guard nodded at James turned his eyes back to Mr. Peter Causey and said- "Sir, you have to come with us now" he nodded at his men to take Peter away along with his unconscious guards whom James had beaten up and left for half dead.James rushed to Sarah's side and immediately took off his coat and put it around her as he tried his best to lift her. He put his hand under her head gently helping her off the bed.Slowly, even though she was still partially conscious, he met the Chief Security officer at the door and urged him to keep everything that had happened there quiet in order not to alert more attention than was necessary.He knew Sarah would be utterly ashamed of the situation and hurt herself for even putting herself in that situation in the first place. He knew she would blame herself for all that had happened and he did not want her to deal with all of that."Please keep this quiet as possible, as much as you can. It does not leave the ears and eyes of this walls"
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Chapter 10
As soon as the car came to a halt, James pushed open the car door and helped Sarah out of the car after he had gotten out himself. He shut the door and waved the driver goodbye.Standing on the pavement in front of the Grande Hotel where they had been lodged for the past couple of weeks as guests in the double apartment on the fourteenth floor.He helped Sarah stand straight, as the cool air hit her face, she regained some consciousness and was able to walk slightly carrying and pushing her weight around.James held her up by the waist so they could maintain a casual posture as they walked into the hotel lobby. He placed her on a sofa in the waiting area of the reception while he went to retrieve their key.The receptionist stared from him to the lady he had just put down whose clothes were partially ripped even though he had buttoned up his coat in her to give her a certain level of decency, her ripped strap could still be seen through the coat."Sorry about that, she had too much to
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