Chapter 110

Griffin is still busy working when a knock on his door, he has no idea who it is, if he didn’t call his secretary he won’t come to his office.

Emily would knock and walk in almost immediately but who could it be? “come in” He said anyways.

The heels that step in him makes his heart triggered which makes him trace it up to the grown she’s putting on splitting right in her tie.

Her hair is done beautifully and her baby bump fitting her perfectly, “I never know my wife is this beautiful” He whines standing on his feet.

He walks up to her and kiss her forehead, her neck down to her chest before locking g his lips on hers.

He felt like he haven’t seen his wife in days or should he say weeks? He wonder how he was able to fall into that bitch trap when his wife is looking this beautiful.

Even the pregnancy makes didn’t make her look ugly like he has expected, “So you think I wasn’t this pretty after all” Mary said immediately he break the kiss.

“That’s not what I’m saying” He sai
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