Life as a personal assistant

Chapter 111

Emily walks down the stairs in her nightie, she’s been working for the Devon for years.

She manage to be a relationship but it’s always not working out and eventually she ended living alone until recently, things have become complicated and she’s lost.

She pour herself a drink and sit down at the bar, she’s been working for Mr Devon because she has debit to pay but eventually she paid them all off.

She thought she would leave and live fresh after gathering much money but she finds herself attached to the work.

To be honest no job would be able to pay her that much beside that she felt like she had know too much to be leave and her life might be at risk.

They might come for her and want to keep her silent, been a secretary to the most important person in the country isn’t something that could be taken lightly.

She loved her work at the end and eventually continue doing it for years, have much money and has cars of her own.

Houses and land here and overseas, yes that how muc
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