The Billionaire Heir's Replacement

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The Billionaire Heir's Replacement

By: Aliast Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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The night Haze Wilburn lost everything he had, a stranger who looked just like him came out of nowhere. He said something and then coughed blood on him. Haze rushed to the hospital for help. However, on the way, they were ambushed and Haze was brutally attacked as they mistook him for the stranger in the back seat, just before their car was pushed into a river. A week later, Haze woke up in a hospital only to discover that the stranger had died, but shockingly, the death certificate bore his name. Haze was forced into a deal of being a replacement in exchange for getting whatever he wanted. Now, Haze must navigate a perplexing twist of fate as Cassius Blackwood, the heir of a multibillion-dollar company.

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1. The Night of Haze Wilburn's End
Haze Wilburn. That name was written on the white tag hanging by his neck. He took it off and tucked it into the pocket of his pants. Looking into the rearview mirror, he made sure to appear neat after ten hours of long, arduous work in the office. At the end of the week, the game he worked on was finally ready to meet its potential investor. "Ready to meet the money bag now?" Haze turned to face a man in a pink dress shirt donning a light blue suit jacket. "You sound like I'm about to volunteer as a tribute from district twelve." "Maybe you are? I can see you holding a rusty sword against a gatling gun because you're too slow to move." "Shut it, Derek. I don't want to mess this up now, when the company is only one signature away from receiving a one million dollar investment." Derek Phillips nodded and put on a serious face. "Good to know you're such a responsible adult, because my company's future depends on your new game. If we screw this up, I'll be forced to announce bankrupt
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2. The Last of Cassius Blackwood
The stranger who had his face coughed blood. Dying right in Haze's arms. He frantically tried to help. He wanted to call the emergency number, but his phone's battery was dead. What an inconvenient thing to happen. "Hey, can you breathe?" he asked, knowing nothing of the stranger's condition. "I'll get you to the hospital." It was the only thing he could do. Haze half dragged the stranger into the car he came in. The key was still in there. In fact, the car engine was still on. After maneuvering the stranger's deadweighted body into the back seat, Haze rushed to drive to the hospital. Turning his attention between the road and the dying stranger, Haze asked his name. But, the stranger gave no sound. He tried again, harder this time, still receiving no reaction except for him to slump down from the seat. Haze cursed and stepped on the gas pedal. He didn't know what to do if the stranger died on the way. What would he say to everyone, then? "Hey, please don't die on me," he quickl
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3. The Heir's Death
The white and green colours of an unfamiliar place came first, before a tang of antiseptic smell hit his nose. Haze woke up in a hospital room, feeling weak and very out of place. The room itself was wider than his studio apartment, definitely better with that wide TV screen and nice air conditioning. The window's curtains were opened, giving him a good view of several high buildings in the city. "Mr. Blackwood, how are you feeling?" A nurse called from the doorway, holding a clipboard in her hand. Haze was so out of it that he didn't hear her open the door. He tried to tell her that his surname was Wilburn, not Blackwood, but he only managed to croak like a toad and coughed heavily. "Take it easy, sir," the nurse rushed to his side, checking his vitals. She took a glass of water from the bedside table, "Do you want some water?" Haze nodded, and the nurse helped him. He drank half a glass, then asked, "What day is it?" "It's Friday, sir." "So, I was out for a day." "More like a
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4. Nothing But A Plant
Three days later, Haze was discharged from the hospital. The shorter older man from before came back, not with Leonard, but a brunette girl followed in his place. “Good afternoon, sir,” the shorter older man greeted with a bow, “I see you are ready to go out.” “Yes, I’m sick of this place,” Haze replied. Even if this hospital room was bigger and better facilitated than his studio apartment, it was still that. A hospital room. Seeing the question on Haze’s face, the shorter older man finally introduced himself. “How rude of me, I forgot the basic manner of all things. Oh, to be old and alive. My name is Jeremy Tito, Mr. Blackwood’s assistant.” Haze offered a handshake, which the short, old assistant took warmly. “My name is… you know already.” “No need to be shy, Cassius.” Old Jeremy smiled politely, “You have taken the deal, it’s required for you to polish your act from now on.” A little hesitant, but Haze finally nodded. His eyes then travelled to the girl behind old Jeremy.
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5. They Left Him, Untouched
The Blackwood’s mansion was in another city. They had to drive to the airport and flew for almost an hour, before they resumed with a car for the next hour. As Leonard looked like a super rich person, surprisingly he lived in a suburban area. The mansion itself was located on top of a hill, surrounded by miles and miles of farming land. Haze would appreciate the beautiful view if the sun was still out. Even if they were far away from anywhere. Simply put, the Blackwood’s mansion was closed from any public facility and people’s housing. It was a very private place with no neighbours. Maybe the rich really do live like this, Haze didn’t know. After the farming land, they drove past green trees taller than two-story buildings for the next minutes until a high gate greeted them. It mechanically opened for them, and Haze was not surprised to find a modern-style mansion. Old Jeremy parked the car in the front yard. Then they walk on a long, stone-paved path about three meters wide, with
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6. Life of The Heir
Haze woke up with a bang.And a boner, to be precise. But no one needs to know that.Especially not Elaine, the girl who dared to slam his bedroom door open so hard that the window rattled."Good morning, impostor," Elaine said with apparent glee after wrenching him away from his nice sleep. She already has a wooden ruler in her hand, ready to take on her role as his teacher for the day. "Get out of bed and present yourself downstairs in one minute. Wear something comfortable to move.""Can you not give me a heart attack next time?" Haze still clutched his chest with one hand. The other one was around his blanket, deliberately trying to cover the tent forming in his lower body.Try as he might, Elaine caught his suspicious behavior. "What are you trying to hide, impostor?"He blushed a little. He had never shown a certain, embarrassing reaction to a stranger in his twenty-three years of life. One that he had only met once, to add. "N-nothing."Elaine's eyes narrowed, moving back and f
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7. One Million in One Day
"Are you sure that's my first lesson?"Elaine looked up from the tablet in her hand, not bothering to look up at her new boss. "Yes."Haze frowned as he chewed on the delicious breakfast provided by a chef formerly cooked at a five-star restaurant. He forgot the name, but the chef surely sticks out if he stands between average people. He got this green dragon tattoo on his bald head.Anyway, his mind tracked back to what his personal secretary said. "You want me to spend one million dollars in one day?"Hearing him repeating her order, Elaine flicked her eyes to him and scoffed. "If it's not because you look so similar to Cassius, I doubt Mr. Blackwood will leave you to exist in this world.""As if he can kill me.""I'll relay that challenge to Mr. Blackwood on my report tonight."Haze wasn't sure if she was joking or not, but just to be safe, "Please don't.""Good, now finish your breakfast. It's noon already. How can you pass out after a morning jog?""It was straight-up torture!" H
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8. Doomsday Bunker
Elaine chuckled as she heard what Haze had said earlier. "You think the apocalypse is near?" "If it is, I wouldn't want a bunker to hide and spend the remaining days like a loser. I'd rather burn that one million you give and dance on its ashes." Haze scoffed at her guess, silently labeling her uncreative. "Oh, can I do that now?" Elaine smoothly ignored his question, "Then, why a doomsday bunker?" "My life turned upside down in one night. Who's to say there won't be zombies walking around town next week?" Haze turned away from her, looking at the red light above. "Besides, you said I have everything I might need in the mansion, so why not do something crazy when I have the chance for it? With your permission, of course." The brunette couldn't fault him. She was the one who said that earlier. At least the impostor was not that dumb. This morning, she initially thought that Haze would make her buy unnecessary things that he never had, like designer clothes, exclusive watches, an exp
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9. Passage to the Underworld
Haze couldn’t believe it.Bam!He only wanted a freaking bunker, damn it.Bam!But why did he end up smashing a hammer against the wall?Bam!Just to destroy the actor’s pretty face?Bam!That wasn’t it.Bam!“Gah!”Bam!Elaine wanted to find out what lay behind the wall.Ridiculous.But he obeyed, anyway. Not that he was curious. It would be nothing but the ground. Or worse, he might destroy the toilet’s disposal. Ugh, he wouldn’t survive the smell if that was true. Hopefully, his guess was wrong.But, after almost thirty minutes of hammering the wall, he saw something.“A passage?” Haze turned to the brunette, who was sitting on the chair, sipping on a cold soda. “Aren’t you supposed to be my assistant? Why do I feel like I’m your slave?”“I am your personal assistant, but only whe
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10. The Big Boss
When Elaine said she would report their finding, Haze didn’t think he’d be sitting on a chair before a closed door of the Blackwood patriarch’s private study. “I thought we were going to the police,” he whispered to the brunette beside him. Elaine side-eyed him as she calmly stated, “Why would I go to a stinky organization?” Haze shrugged, “I don’t know, maybe because it sounds logical?” “Yeah, to you.” She fell in silence then, leaving him with his own thoughts. They had been sitting there for about half an hour, waiting for Leonard to welcome them inside. Feeling bored already, Haze directed his gaze to his surroundings. He found nothing. Literally. Not only the waiting room but also the entire place of this mansion. There was nothing but necessary house appliances and some art, like statues or big paintings along the wall. If nothing else, the Blackwood’s main mansion could be an art exhibition museum, just like the one where Haze stayed. The door opened when he was about to p
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