"Audio data record, Butterfly... or whatever the aliens from the other galaxy call me, whatever the time is. It's a log. I cannot organize my internal chronometer to tell when am I. I'm recording this audio log because I have managed to squeeze some free time off from my busy schedule from visiting here and there. But I have to agree, that going here and there was a good stretching of my wings and drive system. The UEC upgraded my drive system by adding one more component and I requested them not to replace my old drive system which was really necessary for a short burst of FTL drive for course correction." I had to enter the log for a reason that most biological organisms cannot understand.

I was in the orbit of the planet RA from there, the planet looked like a glowing ball of light. The ice was reflecting lights. My drive system was being re-engineered by Sam and Tatiana. They seemed like well rested. I never thought I would push the memories of my creators into archives, to say in
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