CHAPTER SIXTY ONE: To have one trapped.

The person at the door seemed impatient so the bell sounded again and again, that Joseph followed Angela behind to see who the imp was.

Hopefully, it would turn out to be that neighbor who always paraded Angela's place. What was his name again?

With that in mind, Joseph got to work as he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on a sofa in the sitting room, leaving his chest bare with an intimidating smirk on his face.

Angela wasn't expecting anyone so she expected it to be any of the neighbors, with that in mind, she swung the door open to become pale at once.

Joseph lost his color too.

Only the ringer gained some color. She had come fully prepared to teach Angela some manner but unexpectedly her dear son was present. And by the looks of it, he was very comfortable here. He had no shirt on for that matter, one can only wonder what the two were doing. Angela's state of undress did not go unnoticed as well. But she found Angela lacking, what manner of woman looked so plain around her man?
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