CHAPTER SIXTY: I love you.

"What are you doing?" Joseph asked quietly but not quiet enough as Angela lost her grip on the paintbrush and sputtered paint on her work.

"I'm sorry", Joseph apologized earnestly. He hadn't meant to startle her.

Angela snorted, "Not like I was making progress in the first place".

She carefully retrieved the paintbrush from the ruined canvas and examined their work, for Joseph had intervened towards the end.

"What do you think? It looks better right? Better than I was doing".

Joseph looked at the painting then at his beauty. She must be joking right? He had ruined it all, she was doing a good job until he had arrived.

Now, they were totally on a new level. They both knew each other's passcode. Joseph finished work late and had thought against visiting her but he still couldn't keep his mind off her and had come over with the excuse of making sure that she had not forgotten to eat dinner.

The last thing he expected her to be doing was painting at around twelve in the morning. He ha
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