A Not So Casual Meet

[Warning!!! An intense level of hostility detected]

[Distance is being calculated] 

[Distance calculation complete]

[The hostile object is 2 meters away]

Marcus's apertures narrowed at the messages his systems let out one by one inside his mind.

His eyes, through the small slits, darted around the room and the table. 

Raka was still explaining how the room had shaken before. Little did he know Marcus wasn't interested in any of that bullshit. But it did seem remarkable to him. The capacity to uncover and generate working techniques to amplify force was brilliant. 

The power to intensify force could be used to make high-tech weapons as well, which could be a mighty help to revokers who excel in using ranged weapons like Kerin. 

But... Putting his thoughts aside for a moment, Marcus focused on the man in front of him. The blue-haired young man was still g

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