A Play Button?

"Then what's the wait for?... Let's stop dawdling and just get this over with"



Marcus and his demon jumped into the portal without any hesitation. Marcus seemed more interested than the demon as he took the first step into the void less portal.  

The demon who comprehended Marcus's interest was surprised, just minutes ago, the man before him was crying for petty reasons. Now just after enduring the hidden memories of his first dungeon which was supposedly one of his biggest traumas, he had started acting how an 18-year-old would. 

The light inside the portal was a bit too blinding, it was a bit too lustrous for Marcus, who had lost his powers for the time being. But he didn't wince, Instead, he stared into the exit point which was, now just a few meters away from him.

The demon grinned to himself as he watched Marcus dive

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