The Hidden Files: The Answer To All Plot Holes - 2

On the very center of the screen was a familiar 'Play' button. 

Marcus, without any hesitation, clicked on the button. 

*Pant* *Pant* 

It was a movie... It looked like one.

What played before Marcus was someone panting heavily while walking through the familiar dungeon of the nine tails. But the viewpoint in which it was exhibited was, oddly, in the first person.

The experience, for him, felt like he was dwelling inside the movie. 

Just like Virtual Reality!!.

And with the 8D sound ringing inside his ears, it was ultra realistic. 

The man, who could be probably Marcus as he thought, was walking through the woods.

Suddenly, the bushes beside him started crinkling. Marcus watched as the man on the screen tried to start running. 



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