Chapter 11

He peered deep into the cluster of trees. Marcus had respawned recently and was now on his feet looking around. 

"I have always wondered....Even though my Durability had broke the Limit, It was still a One Hit KO!!. Why is that system?"

[It is a One Hit KO because, The Enemy has an Attack range of Infinity break which surpasses the User's current Durability range]

"Oh really?" Marcus thought about it for a minute and then shook his head in acceptance.


Marcus called out to the system and it replied swiftly.

The Status window opened. 

Marcus scrolled through his stats and then stopped at agility. 

He raised his left eyebrow in surprise. 

[Agility : 1000 Ceptillion {Limit Break In 100} ]

"So.... If I just dodge one of them 1 more time, I'll...I'll break the limit heh? KEKEKEKEKEKKEKEKEK"

Marcus's looks and character changed back to his badass attitude, the one he had equipped while facing those poor Ogrettos. 

His Eyes turned blood red as he activated Doom. Stepping out in a heroic way he made his way to the 3 feet allowance zone and paused. 

"Fuuuuuuuu" He let a huge breath out and took a step out. He angled his legs like an spring ready to jump. As soon as a wave of wind hit his face, he jumped in a mindblowing speed and grabbed on to a tree. His speed had increased tremendously because of the recent stat grind.

The Fox under him spun around Confused, failing to find Marcus who was above it. 

Just as another wave hit his backside Marcus slid down landing on the first fox and heaved his hand at its skull. 


The Skull split open as brain matter poured out. 

[STR +100 ceptillion]

[AGIL +10Ceptillion]

The Nine Tailed Fox's body slumped down lifeless at his feet.

[First Kill Made]

[Objective Started]

[Objective Progress : 10%]

[Resetting Stats according to User's Current stats]

[Warning User, No more Respawns Available, Wish you luck, Survive!]

With those same words the system went blank. 

The Demon fox which had attacked him while on the tree was still hanging there, snarling and baring its teeth at Marcus. It had become enraged because of its Comrade's Death and was letting out immense killing intent towards Marcus. Marcus was now sure that his speed was now on par with that of these Nine Tailed Fox.

Even though the Resetting of stats had an opposite reaction on Marcus previously, But this time it was a blessing in disguise. The Demon Nine Tailed fox slowed down considerably. He now could dodge and grind his Agility to Limit break!!.

The fox lunged at him with its Mouth open, But he dodged it smoothly with a roll to the right. He heard gnarls up ahead from the forest. 

Marcus knew he had to finish it as soon as possible. By mistake if he let's the Foxes regroup, then he was sure that it was his end. Marcus Evaded the Fox a Couple times and then Grabbed its Agape mouth in his hands and then held it there. 

[AGIL+10 ceptillion]

[AGIL+10 ceptillion]

The Fox pushed him back slowly against a tree. Just as he was about to reach the tree, Marcus planted his feet in the ground and looked at the surprised Fox. "That's it foxy?" Remembering his hero Cypher, Marcus ripped apart the Fox's mouth with brute strength and let it fall. 

[STR + 100 Ceptillion]

"2 Down, 7 to go" 

Marcus rushed to the place where he heard the growl before. Moving smoothly and magnificently, He ran into an opening inside the thick woods. It was big enough for A whole Soccer stadium. 

In the centre, 2 Demon Foxes stood, Hlaring and Gnarling at The Proceeding Enemy. Marcus noticed that both of them Had Nine Tails. 

Suddenly something struck him, He had been battling Nine tailed foxes from the begin, Which meant he had just killed 2 Beasts of Demon God ranks. Marcus felt proud when he realized this and was wearing a smug look on his face now. 

Pacing slowly at first and then increasing his steps, Marcus Stared at the Demons in front of him with His Red Glowing eyes. The Foxes were stunned in their place. 

"Doom Is Op" Marcus grinned as he saw the Foxes hesitate. Marcus jumped and Vanished in thin air and then suddenly caught the fox on the right by surprise as he appeared out of nowhere and whispered "Boo" in its left ear. The Fox jumped back and it's Legs trembled. Marcus by now was without any doubt faster than the Foxes in front of him. 

Marcus grabbed all of its tails and heaved it into the air. The fox turned and twisted in the air as Marcus jumped with a *Boom* and caught it by its head. He then Chokeslammed it on the ground. 

A big Crater was formed around the Carcass of the huge monster. It's tongue was out and blood oozed from it's open mouth. 

[STR + 100 Ceptillion]

The other fox was watching all of this. It was scared to the point that it would have pissed itself any minute now. For A Demon God, It was nothing more than a Insect in front of Marcus. This fight was supposed to be against Monsters and Marcus was turning out to be the Monster.

When Marcus turned his attention to the other Fox, It trembled more than before. As a Last resort, the Fox Bared its fang and shot Marcus a Menacing Glare. 

But Marcus in turn revealed his Teeth and Glared at it Back with Doom.

The Fox lose its composure and ran towards the Woods with its tails between its legs. Just as it was about to reach the woods, Marcus appeared out of thin air and Grabbed its neck. 

"Where are you going Foxy? Your Friends are waiting for you" With an evil grin he snapped its neck and let its carcass fall. 


"Haishh...." Marcus let out a long sigh and grabbed his overgrown hair. He plucked a Hair from the Tail of the Dead beast and tied it to his head.

[SKILL CREATED : Crafting]

[Skill perfected : Crafting]

He smiled and then tied his hair into a ponytail, and let a streak of some hair fall in front. The Look he was giving the Fox which had just emerged from the woods was....SEXY AF.


WOAHHHH... 2 Chapters hell yeah. Marcus's details are well provided and he's looking like a Playboy now. Hehe.... Man I'm done for today, Then see you Guys tomorrow. Don't forget to comment though... As I always say, 



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