Chapter 10

The Nine Tailed Demon foxes were found in the SC ranked Dungeon which still wasn't cleared yet. Krozon lost tens of Legendary and Monarch seed users while attempting to clear this Dungeon. But sadly it was all in vain. 

Researchers had proclaimed that this Dungeon was physically impossible to be cleared by Humans and we had to be prepared for a Dungeon break sooner or later. The barely escaped survivors had frightening looks in their eyes. It was like they saw their life flash before their eyes. 

Reports had stated that, the SC ranked Dungeon had Demon Foxes of the Demon God rank!! From the Reports, There were a total of 9 Foxes in which 8 of them were of the Demon Monarch rank and 1 was of the Demon God rank. The Demon God ranked fox is believed to be the Boss of the Dungeon and the dungeon would be cleared if the Boss is defeated. 

There was also a way to identify the Boss. Each of the Nine Foxes had different number of tails, Which meant that, the Monarch ranked beasts had tails from one to eight and the Boss had Nine tails. 

Now the main reason the Dungeon was hard as hell was because of their insane movements and agility. The Boss's speed according to the reports where believed to be a match to the speed of light. 

The Dungeon itself was a big forest surrounded by huge and thick trees, which blurred the Revokers vision and helped the foxes launch an attack from their blind spots. 

The Nine Tails is the biggest threat now to humanity and There was simply no way yet to defeat them.

Marcus was staring blankly ahead of him to the thick trees. He had tried several ways to get at least 3 feet away from the Circle, but just after 3 feets he would be dead in a second. There was no progress whatsoever. 

He stepped out again, this time very slow and steady. One foot *Crunch* The leaves crunched under his weight. Two feet *Crunch*, 3 feet *Crunch*. He gulped some air and breathed it out slowly. As soon as took the next step, wind rushed to his face and a message popped up as his vision blanked. 

[You Died]

"FUUUUUU.....HUSHHHHH" Marcus pulled out his cuss word.

"Got to think calmly. If I lose my cool, don't think I would be able to go home anytime soon." Marcus took his usual stance inside the Circle and thought about ways to pass this impossible Dungeon.  

He looked at the trees in front of him and then looked up. The trees were almost 50 meters high and thick about 90 cm. 

"The reports said the Boss had lightspeed, but what about the others?" 

But he could not be sure about anything because he still had not figured which of the foxes attacked him. The Foxes had different speed according to their tails, So the more the tails the more the speed. 

Marcus stepped out of the Circle and walked to the closest tree inside the given 3 feet. He then punched it slowly, it blasted along with other trees behind it. The trees were aligned in rows just like the Ogretto army from the previous dungeon. 

Marcus noticed something when he broke the trees but decided to push that idea to a corner.


Marcus thought of stepping out again, he knew there won't be any change but he still had a glimmer of hope. He slowly walking out of the circle again and counted his 3 steps. He breathed deep and let it put slowly. 

"I've got to evade...." He said as he stepped out of the zone, but as soon as he said that and took a step out of the Circle, his leg slipped under the stone and he fell sideways. 

During his fall he saw it, For a split second he saw a huge Creature lunging for him as he slipped, missing it's fang from him by a millimetre. He counted, One,  Two, Three.....Eight, Nine?? 

"Nine Tails?"

[Skill Created : Perfect Evasion]

[Skill Perfected : PerfectX2 Evasion]


[Due to Evading a Light speed Demon God ranked beast, The gained stat is multiplied by 10]

[Due to original skill 'Perfect Evasion'  stats multiplied by 100]

[Total Stat Gain = AGIL+1000 Ceptillion ]

"HuH????" Marcus exclaimed, he was stunned and was still on the ground as he saw another figure hover above the air and lunge for him from one of the trees. Within a second his head was flying high in the air. As his vision slowly blurred, he managed to count the other creature's tails. His vision got completely blank as he realized it had Nine tails too....



Author notes 

Kekekekekekkeke, Insane stat gains is my speciality bruh, I'm in form so, I'll write one more today and take a long rest....Till tomorrow lol. 

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