Chapter 17

"God Of God slaying huh?. What type of crazy shit are you guys making me go through"

[I know right!! but this is just the beginning of what you have to through]

"Haizzzz..Whatever. Now when is the boss Monster gonna break free from that statue?"

[It's not going to]


[It's not going to break free from the statue]

"I heard that, then what do I have to do, where's the boss that I have to kill to finish this friking task"

[It's right in front of you Marcus]


He then looked at the tall statue in front of him. It was a statue of a lady in a robe holding a Fire torch on her right hand and she was holding it high up in the air just centimeters away from the roof. The Statue had a crown and it looked very beautiful. Her left hand carried a chain.

Marcus peered straight into its eyes and it seemed the statue was glaring at him in return.

"Aaahhh, Shit" Marcus tripped on his feet and fell butt-first. 


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