Chapter 19

"Marcus..Son" Mom appeared before him. The Vision which he had in the previous Dungeon, the home of the Nine Tails hit him again. But this time his Parents where closer to him and Dave was also closer to him. Everyone smiled and looked at him. 

Marcus smiled back gloomily. His smile was a mix of surprise and depression. He was still resting his head on the Dungeon wall. He looked up and closed his eyes.



Marcus suddenly frowned as he heard an unfamiliar voice. He looked at his parents, Tears rolled down his cheeks as Marcus smiled, his heart was thumping happily, he was overjoyed.

From behind his mother, came a little sweet voice "Brow-da". A small girl peeked out from mother's shall and his herself again when she saw Marcus. 

He Had A Sister now!!.

"I have a Sister now?" 

Marcus stood up and walked towards the small yet afraid girl who was gripping her mother's dress tightly as she cowered back whe

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