Chapter 25


Marcus hugged his mother who was in shock.

Before being taken to the Dungeon, Marcus only used to be upto her shoulders but now he was much taller than she was.

Reiren G Orno, Did not avoid the stranger's embrace. She took him into her arms as if telepathically connecting with with the person in front of her. The warmth which Marcus was giving out sparked a doubt on her mind. Was this person in front of her Marcus? He lost son??.

Albert G Orno was quick to react and jolted up from his table. He was right behind Reiren G Orno within a second. Albert glared at the masked stranger and forcefully pushed him away from his wife. 

"Who are you???" 

Albert shouted.

"Are you one of the King's men??" 

Albert shouted again when he didn't get any reply from the stranger.

Marcus was stunned. He looked at his hands, The same hands which embraced his mom a few seconds ago. This feeling, this feeling of joy he was having was he

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