Chapter 31

The Next day...


Marcus had just got up from the most relaxing sleep he ever had. He rubbed his eyes for a second and then realized he was not supposed to run them, he patted his hand and made it go through his bed hair. He really had grown some hair, but he didn't plan to cut them..Yet.

It was October 24th, But Marcus still hadn't realized it. Noticing the date was something which he had forgotten during his time in the Dungeons. 

With another yawn, he walked up to the curtains and spread them open. Bright sunlight hit his smooth face and it seemed to shine. He cringed back a little, his eyes closed because of the sudden gush of light. 

The soft warmthness on his face made him smile. He opened his eyes to find his pupils adjusting to the light. He had Almighty Sense now, so it didn't take any longer than a second to adjust his pupils. 

The system thought about wishing him birthday, but realized later that it might ruin the

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