Chapter 30

"Him Aaron!!!...My Diamond, Your son's one and only childhood bestie....MARCUS G ORNO!!!!!!!!!!"


There was a big pause on the other side. A sudden crash was followed by a large scream on the other side of the magic earpiece. Albert cringed a little as his ear rang.


Aaron screamed on his Magic Earpiece. Albert chuckled on the other side. 

"Yes Man, He's finally back and....You won't believe the way he has glowed up"

"What do you mean man??. I..I need more details."

"Ah, So it was around 3pm or so I guess and we were just talking casually, That's when we heard the bell ring and the knock on the door. 

Reiren opened the door first and this masked dude suddenly hugged her shouting Mom!!. haha..I did what the Guardian's usually do, I pushed him away from her and shouted at him.

I still get the creeps when I think how I shouted at him..."

"But did you ask him where he had vanished for two whole y

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