Chapter 32


Marcus sat with a thump on the ground, his legs crossed and his arms balancing him on the floor. It was his thinking posture. The system was eerily quite as well. It felt like there was no system but instead it was just a very bad delusion he had. 

He shook his head off that thought. Actually inheriting The Cheat Seed of the Flame emperor had reduced the integration between Marcus and the system by 20%. Which in turn helped the System to keep its mouth shut or actually it had enabled User mute. 

The system was laughing like a maniac at the other end.


It continued it's mechanical laugh until Marcus broke the silence.

"Hehe seriously think enabling user mute might actually block me off??" 

Marcus said with the coolest grin he could ever make.


"Don't HUH me bro...Aren't you forgetting something??"

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