Chapter 35

"Why don't you guys.."

"Work for me?"

All three of them stopped moving. 

"It isn't like I want to kill you guys. Why don't we just start a guild then?"

Marcus went on speaking, he grabbed another chair from his house and sat on it within an eye blink. 

The trio stared at him and then turned their head in unison towards the piled body of their comrade. 

Marcus followed their stare and then laughed when he saw the pile driven body. 

"Hahahaa...You seriously thought I wouldn't know?" 

Marcus said as he stood up and made his way to the body. 

He grabbed one of the leg and pulled it. It came off with an electric zap and turned to ashes. He turned to back to the three of them who were looking at him in disbelief, their eyes wide opened. 

It was a 'Shadow Dummy'

"Whoever controlled this had some amazing shadow magic affinity"

"How.. did he know" 

The sniper slowly whispered but his god
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