Chapter 36

Marcus smiled at the Man beside him and went for Cloy, whose leg was broken off by him with a kick. He did the same again and pulled him up tapping his broken leg with his leg and destroying the rock he had fixed in the wound in order to stop the bleeding. A new leg formed back again and he was standing once again.

Marcus went gentle with the Masked lady and gently tapped her broken hand. The hand turned once again and then fixed itself back into her dislocated joint with a crack. She sat up with a jolt and moved her repaired hand back and forth. 

Finally Marcus bend over the scared sniper and touched her nose slowly. She cringed back in a cute way and blushed. The bleeding stopped and her nose shaped into a shape more perfect than before.

Marcus tilted his head a bit and asked her

"What's your name?"

Marcus figured her to be around his age..Maybe an year older than him.


"Ah, Kerin quite a beautiful name you got there

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