Chapter 37

"All 3 of us have Monarch ranked Seeds except Kerin, She has a Legendary Seed"

Marcus grinned at Kerin. She blushed as she avoided eye contact with him. 

"Well that's just great!!" 

Marcus broke the silence and Kerin managed to flash a smile at him. 

"We were supposed to celebrate her birthday today....after the mission" 

Melova said slowly but Marcus easily heard her almost silent words.

"It's your Birthday today??.." 

Marcus asked Kerin in surprise. 


She said as she fidgeted with her fingers. 

"Happy birthday...and I am really sorry for breaking your nose earlier"

Marcus said as he cowered in embarrassment.

"Thank you" 

She replied with a smile on her nervous face. 

(Man she's deep into something !! Lol)

"By the way, when is yours...Marcus?"

She managed to spout out some words after repeating it inside her mind for about thousand times.


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