Chapter 40

Dave dragged Marcus through the curb with all of his might. 

Aaron shouted and Meya screamed when they saw their son dragging Marcus on their curb. Evy and Iris were crying out loud.

Aaron looked frantically at Albert and Reiren but He frowned when he saw them smiling. 

"Ah, what an amazing way to welcome him"

Albert chuckled to his wife.

"Yea true, Dave's energetic as always"

Reiren smiled and laid her head on her husband's shoulder. 

"I am really sorry"

Aaron shook of his confusion and said to his friend. 

"He has the Legendary seed of 'Rage Calamity'...He loses his cool suddenly if his emotions take control over him" 

Aaron explained. 

(For your Kind reminder, Marcus has the Cheat Seed of Flame Emperor, meaning that the 'Seed' itself is called the Cheat seed of The Flame Emperor, hence the name, The Flame Emperor came from the Seed's original name)

"Oh, well that's okay Aaron"

Albert said
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