A tale of Magic

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A tale of Magic

By: Kyng OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A story about a world where the ability to wield magic is suddenly literally granted down to the world from the sky, granted down from an unknown place beyond the sky with a single statement left reverberating in the minds of those who received the blessings, "There's a reason for such power to be handed down..." Basically something like a slice of life novel with elements of magic intertwined with it. Depicts the story of the growth of a young boy and his few friends from the final year of high school.

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Chapter 01
“Here comes our Crown king! Everyone! Girls, go down on your knees, Boys, lay flat on the ground. Respect must be shown when greeting the King, no form of slight will be tolerated, Am I clear?!” “Kaabiyesi o!! Ha ha ha…” “I wonder if the palace has new vacancies for handmaidens with special services.” “I’d be happy to sign up!” “Me too!” “Me three!” Everyone teasingly called out and then bursted into laughter after following along with the initial voice that called out the words telling them to greet. Kyng walked into the class and shook his head lightly with a wry smile on his face as he heard the greetings called out to none other than him, a fellow student, not some supposed King. As introverted as he tended to be at times, he was always unable to keep to himself for long whenever he got to class anytime. These classmates of his always found one way or another to bring him out of his personal bubble, his imaginary space. Thinking back to the last term, he could still remem
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Chapter 02
“I thought you had a major issue with the codes and all the last time you told us?” “Well I did have a major issue back then, but like I just said, it was back then. I managed to pull myself together and get on with it. Trust me bro, those were trying times. But I figured out a little trick that managed to allow me to speed up the correction process, cutting down the time and even allowing me to spot some other errors I didn’t know even existed. And now after over six months despite some little mishaps trying to hold me down along the way, I finally managed to finish coding the legacy app, ‘Final year chronicles’. In the end, before we leave, we’d be setting the foundations in the app, our gift to the school and those coming after us…” Kyng watched Dayo closely as he spoke, he could actually clearly see him shivering from excitement. Who wouldn’t be so excited though, after coding your first application software for over six months and finally getting to complete it with no problem
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Chapter 03
“Good morning guys…” the man said as he reached the front of the class, He paused a bit before he continued with a light smile on his face, “At this point in time, you guys all probably already know me and know who I am, what my name is. But following the formalities, I should probably introduce myself properly, so… my name is Omaye Michael, you can call me Mr. Michael, or maybe call me Sir Michael or Teacher Michael or even Lord Michael, I won’t mind that at all…” at this point, the man chuckled to himself a bit, feeling pleased with his little joke that managed to receive a decent amount of laughs from the class of students staring at him, before he continued, “You all should know me as your class adviser, I’m the person you can come to meet if you have any issues or questions concerning your academics or whatnot. But before I say anything else, here’s one question…Are you ready?”“Yeah we are!”“Well for now I’ll accept you barely are but I’ll have you guys know that you can never
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Chapter 04
A minute passed by while Donald kept on a straight face showing he was rather proud of his idea and ignored the odd looks he was being given before Kyng finally found the breath to speak up again, “Okay wait. Disregarding the outrageousness of the idea. Even if and I’m only saying ‘if’ we decided to do what you just said, how do you expect us to paint the statues in their entirety. Not even mentioning the cost of doing all of this, how are we going to reach the higher points of the statue. You know those statues are probably over ten meters tall sha?”“That’s easy,” Dayo said looking confident like he was pitching a million-dollar idea, “We’ll just get one of those machine with very long handles that lifts things, what do they call them again… on yeah, Cranes!”The two that were previously already speechless couldn’t help but question which world they were living in at the moment.After staring at Donald for a short while, Kyng finally shook his head as he looked away from him and tur
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Chapter 05
“Mirah’s talking to the pretty new girl”“I just knew she’ll be the first to go over”“Mirah’s gone to talk to the new girl, what do you think she’ll say?”“I don’t know, invite her to her girl’s gang?”“Mirah’s got a gang?”“Ha ha, not really actually, I mean she and her group of girls who hang around each other all the time, it might as well be a gang.”“Oh…”Whispers between the other classmates began to sound out softly in the classroom, the relatively noisy class became less noisy as a result as those interested in what might come looked on stealthily.The girl called Mirah reached the table of the new girl quickly and then paused to tap on the table to get the girl’s attention. The new girl, Kira, who seemed to be focused on something she placed between herself and the table below what anyone could see, looked up from it as she noticed the girl standing before her with a smile on her face. She looked on quietly as she said nothing, as if asking with her eyes what the other girl
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Chapter 06
“Kyng!”Her voice rang through the com-link again as she called his name again after not receiving a response the first time, even if he was sleeping, she knew he would be forced to wake up.“No mom, I haven’t, I’ll be going now…”He spoke out knowing the receiver would pick up his voice and she would be able to hear him.“Don’t go to sleep before you do that. And come down to eat as well. Your friends are coming over?”Sighing lightly, he pushed himself up from the bed as he began taking off his clothes. “Yes they are.”“What time are they coming over?”“In about thirty minutes or so…”“Alright then, go take a shower first, I can smell your sweat and all from over here even…”Kyng chuckled lightly in response, “Sure”|||Dropping back on his bed with a bounce, he wiped the water droplets on his forehead off as he closed his eyes for a bit.Opening his eyes again, a pretty figure flashed through in his mind seemingly reflecting out of his eyes, like he could see her once again.He had
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Chapter 07
Kyng looked at the girl with a little smile on his face as he said “Quinn, you can at least say a greeting first before you ignore the rest of us you know?”The girl paused on hearing that, finally deciding to spare Kyng a glance as she replied, “Announcing my return from school is my form of greeting Kyng.”He laughed a bit and shook his head in response while Donald was the one who spoke up instead with a teasing smile on his face, “The way she calls your name every time I hear it is so saucy Kyng, way beyond her age. Can’t you be like a cute little sister and act adorable for once even if you can never be one?”The young girl as if triggered seemed about to erupt on hearing what Donald said, only for her to cut short by her mom with a rap on her head. “Alright sweetie, that’s enough. Go upstairs to your room and freshen up, I’ll bring your food up there as well, but only after you’ve freshened up.”Quinn was reluctant but she couldn’t argue any more. Pouting to show her displeasure
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