Chapter 55

It was not good. Marcus had to fight two gods at the same time. The Lower God seemed easy to deal, But the real trouble was the higher God which was right above him, lunging towards him in an amazing speed. 

The Sun hit his eyes as the shadow slowly covered his vision. It was just a ball of black as it made it's way through the air just to get a hit on the Demon morphed Marcus. 

Just as he released his breath, Marcus back flipped as he forced his 'still' legs off from the ground. The Looming figure missed him barely by an Inch as Marcus dodged the incoming attack. 

With a Bam, The Ground had split open. Dust danced around and tried to mess with his eyes as Marcus winced, taking two steps back. He had to keep an eye on the other god too. Recklessly attacking won't help him while dealing with multiple foes and especially when they were GODS!.

He measured his distance between him and the Fallen Higher God who struggled to take it's hand from the G

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