Chapter 60

Kerin had almost jumped on to Marcus for a hug but Melova held her back. They were really happy once they knew that they were a Guild. Marcus felt haughty when he saw how much they had liked his new guild name. 

Before parting Marcus whispered to Luka about how he felt the rumour could be possibly true and asked him to tell his informant to Delve deeper into the matter and then report back to him as soon as possible. 

Marcus knew deep inside, this was going to be a race against time. The One who finds the secret first..WINS.

Soon they were off to their own ways. The Guardians promised to meet each other the next day. The Day when they'll raid the Dungeon. 


A surprise awaited Marcus as he returned, his destroyed house and the Open Ground along with the woods had been repaired. It must've been the work of Dave, He thought. 

His House was repaired the same way it was before, which was good because in it didn't give him a

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