Chapter 59

"You should've seen her face..KEKEKKEK"

Dave snickered beside Marcus as they walked down to the Capital Centre. 

"Man..I feel light now"

Marcus chuckled. 

Alisha had stomped off in disbelief as soon as Marcus had countered. She also shot an angry look at him just like Gabriel did before riding off in her carriage. 


They just talked casually on their way to the Capital street when Dave's expression changed. 

"Ah..Bruv I got things to do...My Guild is busy and Cypher arrives today.." 

He said before pacing up forward.

"Cypher??...You are in his Guild? The Spearhead??!"

Marcus asked surprised. His voice wavered as he remembered how famous the Guild was two years ago. It was his childhood dream to join their Guild and fight alongside his role model, Cypher.

"Yeaa....I am their Vice Captain" 

Dave chuckled embarrassed. 

"No way..Fuck"

Marcus's jaw fell loose. 

"Oh by

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