"IQ has been increased to 150 and total physical strength and output have been multiplied by 10 thousand folds" Marcus nodded, he was impressed, "I can say without a doubt", he paused, "that you are my strongest creation"


"So we've been merged into one now?", The entity asked in Its calm voice which had the duality of Pyraze and the inner demon.

Marcus raised his eyebrows, "Your temper subdued pretty fast and well", he took a step forward, "The points it cost for you seem worth it till now"

"I don't know why, I want to get angry at you, but I simply cannot, my mind seems so relaxed", it spoke, "You fucker!" it roared the other second.

"Haha", Marcus laughed, "Guess only one of you developed the temper restraint, I believe it must be you Pyraze, who got that. I guess the inner demon salvaged his aggression during the merge"

"So, If I'm right, which I should be, your bodies merged but your thoughts didn't", Marcus took another step forward toward the entity, he was the same heig
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