Raka Riles POV

"Is this... the other side... of my story?"

[No Marcus...]

Another familiar voice echoed behind him. 

[This is your hidden memory... this is what in reality, happened]


"Fuck, What is this shit?"

Raka banged a blue veil which wrapped Marcus, who was inside, on his knees and unconscious. 

Raka sighed as he stared at the protective layer around his opponent. It was just a minute ago that he saw him fall to the ground. 

"Right when I thought the match was over, Shit!!"

"Right when it broke through his defense... FUCK!!"

Raka had let his nanobots invade Marcus's body through his ears. What he planned to do was to control Marcus's Neuro system and bring him under his control. 

But the prototype he had wasn't as quick as he thought. The nanobots he transmitted to Marcus

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