It was 4 pm and Leo could be seen in a street basketball court. He was panting heavily as he bent slightly and supported his hands on his knees. Sweat was dripping down his body like water. His silky black hair was extremely wet and ran down his face, covering his ears and almost covering his eyes. He caught his breath for a few more minutes before setting all the barriers for himself again and picking up the ball.

Leo was training his maneuverability without using his superpowers. He thought that if he could improve as a human, he would exponentially improve with his superpowers too. To do this, he borrowed some traffic cones and barriers from the police station nearby and his school before starting his training. His aunt promised to pick him up when he felt he was done.

He arranged the cones in different places and he would do is bounce the ball and go past all those cones and barriers to dunk the ball without touching any of them.

Where did he get that idea? It was Mrs. Hale.
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