The Unsettling Challenge

The match finally came to an end, with Elian Comprehensive high emerging victorious with 73 points while Sky Hills high had 19 points. Alexander was so shaken that he dropped to the ground on his knees when the game ended. They already lost their will to win on the third quarter. All they just wanted to do was to not make the distance in their scores not too wide, so as not to get too embarrassed.

Even then, after playing basketball for three years, he has never seen a team with this much understanding and cohesion between them. Their teamwork was just to tight, and their methods were extraordinary. Logan and his team cheered for themselves as they were happy that they won. Well, Leo and the remaining third year students weren’t all too excited, and they maintained their cool head.

According to Mrs. Hale, Elian Comprehensive would have no problem against the school’s like Sky Hills High, Bennighton Academy, and St. Peter’s High school, as their team was much more stronger. Eve
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