Ch 18: A night of feeding and new threat

Nightmares began to play their part showing the dark images of the past not allowing Marcus to find peace in his sleep. Tossing and turning in the bed he lies in sweetness while hearing the screams and cries remember the feeling of blood on his hands.

Then the image of his father's dead body before him finally breaks him out of sleep holding him back from yelling out. Marcus looked down at his hands, staring at them, the blood dripping off them. There is the true saying no matter how hard one tries to forget the blood on their hands no matter how many times those hands get clean.

That feeling along with remembering will never go away. That is what he knows and hates it. Slowly Marcus closed those two hands of his allowing the sharp nails to dig into the skin where blood coming out dripped on the bed sheets and down the arm.

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